Wednesday, January 28, 2009

1st Ballet Class

Today was Victoria and Bella's first dance class. I didn't think we were going to have it, due to the ice storm, however, I'm glad we did. I had to wake the girls up from their naps, and Victoria protested all the way there. "I don't want to go to ballet class!" (Big fit!) But once inside the studio, it was Bella who let out a big scream with pouting lips- "Mommy!"

They looked so cute! They did tap first for 20 minutes, then ballet. There class has 6 girls in it, and they are probably the youngest. I think the others are four years old, whereas Bella is two and Victoria three. I kept peeking in at them (through the only window which is super small and so high that I have to tip toe to see) and several times was mortified to find my girls totally not paying attention. The first time I see all the other girls up front with the teacher, and Bella and Victoria are in the back of the room lying on the floor on their stomachs and elbows with their hands under their chins. The other parents made me feel better and said that this is common at that age and that their kids did the same thing, however they also we're laughing hysterically at them as well.

Yes, my kids provided the comic relief of the day. One time when I peeked in I saw the kids (including Bella) following directions and doing jumps- all except Victoria who chose to do her own production of Swan Lake- sitting on the floor with her legs under her and hands in the air swaying. Several other times I saw her checking herself out in the mirror and creating her own ballet program.

Bella was a good pupil. She tried to do everything the teacher did and you could tell she was paying attention with all of her might. I was also surprised when the teacher had everyone sit down and stretch and saw that Bella can put her head to her knee with no force.

It was really good having both girls in the same class. In the beginning, they stayed together and I think it helped Victoria as much as Bella. Victoria is my shy one and it takes her about 30 minutes in a new environment before she's able to be herself; I think having Bella there cut the time in half. And it benefited Bella because her sister was a friendly face- she only cried for the first 30 seconds and then held Victoria's hand.

I couldn't take pictures at the dance studio, because the windows were so high up and I thought there would be a glare. Once the girls were home I asked them to show me what they had learned, hence, these pictures. I should note that the girls did not want to leave class after it was over and wanted to go find their teacher and say hi. I think Victoria's glad I dragged her out of bed today.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


It was a rough night last night. Bella woke up at 1am screaming "BUG!" at the top of her lungs. I jumped out of bed and met her in the doorway still screaming. She pointed to her bed and wouldn't move- Bug, Bug, Bug! I threw back the covers, tossed the stuffed animals on the floor, and checked under the pillow- nothing. She then pointed to a large object on the floor; I pick it up and explain that this is her monkey. She then grabs it and points to another dark object on the floor; I pick it up and explain that this is her doll. Its then that I realize that I let her read Miss Spider's Tea Party (with all of the bugs) before she went to bed. She runs out of the room. I hold her and try to rock her to sleep in the living room, but she keeps waking up and looking for bugs. I move to the spare bedroom and put her on the bed lying with me, thinking I'll get some sleep too- not. Finally after turning on all the lights in the room, rubbing her back, and singing, does she drift off at 4am. I do have to say she's also sick right now. She was throwing up on Sunday and then yesterday started to get the cold- runny nose, cough, slight fever; and I'm giving her cold medicine. Moral of the story- no more Miss Spider before bed and more TLC for Bella.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Oh, the mind of a 3 year old! Victoria and Bella couldn't fit in the wagon together the way they were sitting so... Victoria decides, "I get in first," then you sit on top of me and we'll go down together. But after she finds out that it's more comfy with one in a wagon- I'll go down first and I'll push you next.

(BTW I'm one Spoiled Lady! Carol and Dick bought me the camera that I'm using to take videos for Christmas. Thank you so much!)

Random January Pictures

The girls enjoy watercolor painting- Victoria on paper and Bella on herself. I had to explain to her teacher the next morning that she did not have a rash, but had painted herself red the night before.

Jer's old roommates Stephen, and his wife Jessica, and Micheal, and his wife Amy, came over with their kids on a Friday night and we ate pizza, while the kids had a jam session on the floor.

Victoria found a large wooden stick at the park and couldn't part with it. She uses it every time we go out in the backyard to til her garden. Her hat was one that Jer bought on his ski trip to Salt Lake; my present was a coffee mug that said S.L.U.T.- get it- Jer couldn't stop laughing.

I think I get the "Bad Mommy Award" for letting my kids run with balloons in their mouths. On this day, Victoria and Bella spread a blanket on the living room floor and put all their dolls and stuffed animals around it, then they called me to come over and have a picnic party. They sang me Happy Birthday and we made blueberry muffins and blew up balloons.

We had some amazing weather days this January and got to go to the park numerous times to play. The girls favorite thing is the tire swing. They like me to play alien space ship and push the tire way up high.

They love playing with their friends. Chris had just given them a twirly push.

We went to Caleb's birthday on a Saturday. Tons of kids! But we had an awesome time- so did Caleb- he had a Mario themed party with Mario Bingo, a Mario Pinata, birthday cake, and presents.

So I asked the girls what their favorite part of the party was and they both replied the candy and goodies bags. Yep, those are my kids!

Saturday, January 17, 2009


So Jer went skiing for a week and I've been primary care giver. It's been interesting to say the least. I'm learning more about my girls everyday. Victoria has a crush on one of her school friends named Evan. We went to his birthday party this Thursday. She put her head on Evan's shoulder and proclaimed "I love you Evan." The next morning as I'm drinking coffee and watching the morning news, on comes a voice from the TV, "Up next, the weather with Evan." From the kitchen, I hear Victoria throw down her fork, (which she had been using to eat waffles,) run as fast as she could, and plop down in front of the TV only to say, "I want to watch Evan on TV." I had explain that it was a different Evan.

We've been keeping very busy with seeing friends and family. We went over to my to my friend Chris's on Friday night to have Movie Night. The girls had so been looking forward to this. They watched a Veggie tale Pirate Movie and ate popcorn and pizza. Bella was distracted after half an hour and Chris got her a 12 piece puzzle to do, (which she did with minimal help- she's very impressive with the spacial thing right now.)

We've also seen my parents and Jer's parents, aunts and uncles and cousins and little cousins, a couple of friends for a play date, and made a major trip to Target for some groceries. All in all a very busy week!

Funny Bella story- I put the girls to sleep at about 9:15 and came out on the computer to read my Dear Abby and take care of my emails and such. At about 10:30 I hear a strange noise and go to investigate. I enter the girl's rooms and look to see Victoria is sound asleep in her bed... but Bella... where is she?... on the floor I see I pattern of the Wizard of Oz yellow brick road starting from one corner of the room... I follow it to... the other corner... Bella with the Dorthy doll in hand saying "Momma play Wizard of Oz with me." After putting her to bed I chuckle to myself and think- they really do like the present we gave them- yeah!

Missing Jer immensely!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

How fast the weather changes in TX!

Monday it was freezing, literally, icicles everywhere. Today, Thursday, it is in the 70s! Why am I always stunned at this? Anyway, we enjoyed the day by going to the park with our awesome friends! The kids played superheros running up the slides and play equipment. (They also had a traffic jam on the slide as shown in the picture.) We had a wonderful communal picnic. G shared his teddy grams with Victoria and Bella. N kissed Victoria and she kissed him back;0 Bella decided to go naked on the playground. And in the words of Victoria, "Isn't it a lovely day?" Why yes Victoria, it was a lovely day!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

What a wonderful New Year's Eve I had! It started when Jer watched the kids while I went to the kitchen store and bought a ton of things that I have been needed and wanting, such as a spice rack, a toaster, small hangers to hang on drawers to hold my kitchen towels, a Teflon vegetable steamer that I can use in the microwave or the stove, a bacon crisper for the microwave (I hate greasy plates and Jer loves his bacon), salt and pepper shakers, a garlic shredder (this is too cute, so little), some pans that I can use in the toaster oven, wooden spoons, and the such. I am very excited to use all this stuff. When I came home I cleaned and organized all the drawers and cabinets in the kitchen. Then Carol and Dick had a labor intensive dinner with us. Taco Bell sure has good burritos, even the kids seem to love them. After that I took the kids to my friend Kristi's house for a family friendly New Year's Eve party without hubby. (Jer was still not feeling up to par. He's feeling a lot better after his cortisone shot and heavy antibiotics, but he's having some coughing fits when he starts talking.) Kristi had invited our Thursday playgroup and their families to celebrate the New Year with her and her family. Her older daughters and one of their friends were nice enough to watch the kids upstairs while the parents got to party it up downstairs. It was very nice, however Bella couldn't hold on past 10, so it was an early departure for us. After putting the girls to bed at home, I settled down on the cough with Jer and a glass of champagne. He was showing me that on our TV we can actually do karaoke with the On Demand feature. So I sang Like A Virgin (it has some hilarious "Oh, Oh, Oh..." parts- if you don't know the song), Draydel- I Made It Out of Clay (I actually rocked!), and Devil Went Down To Georgia (tough song) to Jer, then laid my head on his lap and fell asleep watching South Park. Jer woke me up at 12 and I clinked glasses with him- me with my champagne and him with his Theraflu. It was a good night!

My New Year's resolutions this year are to eat healthier. This includes making more salads. I just looked up on the web and found a site that makes it easy for you to make your own salad dressing- breaks it down to the basics. I also want to start cooking with more spices and learn how to use them- after all I did buy a spice rack. I need to lose this 5 pounds that I've gained in the last month. However, I think going back to the gym will help a ton (haven't gone in 2 plus weeks due to a horrible cold and family being in town withe tons of holiday commitments.) I'm also going to reread Dr. Phil's Weight Loss book; this has helped me in the past. (It's basically writing down what you eat and your exercise.) Well, I hear the Christmas decorations calling to be taken down, so... I hope everyone had an amazing 2008 and I'm looking forward to spending 2009 with you. Family and friends- I love you! God bless you!

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