Monday, May 21, 2012

Victoria was in a playhouse preformance with her other Girl Scout friends. She was a townsman and baker and had a couple of lines which she delievered very well. She really liked acting and asked me to sign her up for more classes, so I signed both girls up for a play this summer.
Bella had her preschool graduation program last Thursday. She performed a couple of songs, like the months of the year sung and danced to the Mocarana in both English and Spanish. She did great. Then they handed out their certicifates.
Bella has really loved her teachers this year- Mrs. Jane and Mrs. Tia.
Jeremy and I took a trip to Vegas this weekend while Grandma Carol and Grandpa Dick watched the girls. It was so much fun. Vegas is so much to take in- everywhere there is something to see with great detail to everything. These pictures don't do it justice.
We enjoyed a lunch at the Paris hotel thanks to our friends Chris, Chuck, Pete, and Joni!

Trevi Fountain

The Venetician Hotel with Gondolas outside.

On Friday we went to go see the Cirque de Soeil show Love, done entirely to the tune of Beetles music. It was amazing and by far my favorite part of Vegas.

I'd show you more pictures, but I just ran out of space (1GB) on this blog account. Google is saying I'll need to pay $2.49/month, which I am debating if it's really worth it, I might have to keep up with my life/blog in another visual way. We'll see.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Victoria's 7th Birthday

We celebrated Victoria's 7th birthday at the park this year.
We had a ladybug pinata and lady bug cookies.
We opened presents and shared some love.
Then played the day away. I gave each of the kids an ice cream cone water squirter. The kids loved them and chased each other around everywhere.
When the kids got tired of squirting each other, and even themselves, they turned on the grown ups.
I had the kids make T shirts when they first arrived.

Later that day Victoria had a slumber party with her friend Campbell. They played dress up, put on a homemade puppet show for Jer and I, and had a fashion show complete with three outfit changes.
At the end of the show I threw a rose up in the air and Victoria caught it. I think she had a very happy birthday!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

April/May Whirlwind

April and May are my gauntlet months- I run on full speed until the end of school, and this year is no different. Here are a couple of pictures from the time.
In April, we celebrated Jeremy's birthday in a unique way- I threw him an "It's not my birthday" (wink, wink) party- he's not a fan of celebrating himself, but is a fan of large get together. We had about 35 people in our house and had La Hacienda fajitas and Margaritas- yum. I unfortunately forgot to take pictures until the very end, so I didn't get many.

That weekend for Jer's real birthday we went out to Simply Fondue- a restaurant where you cook your own food in different cheeses, oils, and chocolate sauces. It was delicious, but took a long time. 
It was a gorgeous Spring day with everything blooming.
We've been doing gymnastics every Friday afternoon. They've gotten better this year- no broken bones yet. Bella has gotten good on the parallel bars- great core and upper body strength and Victoria has beautiful pose on the balance beam.
Bella had her last soccer game this past weekend. Grandma Carol and Grandpa Dick came to cheer her on.
The ever creative Victoria decorated Grandpa's hat with different leaves and such, then stole it and my sunglasses. Little Fashionista!
Bella has gotten much better this year at soccer too. She usually scores a goal every other week, one time 3 goals in one game! She had a lot of fun and played with a great group of girls and coaches!

We went over to Braelyn's house. The girls played in the sprinkler and had fun chasing each other, while the adults enjoyed some downtime and BBQ chicken.
Besides all this, I've also been planning Victoria's birthday party, doing Teacher Appreciation stuff, planning for future vacations, and going to many kids birthday parties, GNOs, Zumba, and Confirmation classes, just to name a few things.

Build A Bear

Lake Ray Roberts

Memorial Weekend 2009

Brothers Visit

Christmas '08

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