Monday, November 3, 2014

October news

October was a super busy month for us!!! Besides all the pictures that follow, I helped give an amazing ACTS retreat (I was meeting one night a week for 3-4 hours and doing daily work for it), Bella had her birthday, Halloween and festivities, and Jer had his heart attack during this month. Jer is fine! It was a good thing it happened the way it did, and we are very blessed by the outpouring of prayers and support from our friends and family. Thank you God! 
Their school pictures turned out good this year.
We still go to the library once a week and check out a basket of books. The kids really have gotten into reading this year.
 They were attending Kumon on Mondays and Thursdays (extra Math and Reading work to develop study habits) and the nice lady who runs the place snapped this photo  and sent it to me.

Bella is participating in an afterschool program called Destination Imagination, where she works closely with 5 other students/ friends and they independently build a team project; this years theme is "animal mismatch." I can't wait to see what they come up with.

lunch date with Bella and her friend Rhea 

Bella used her birthday money to buy this giant ball that rolls down hills.

Victoria's witch and pumpkin.

Bella's Frankenstein

We love when Grandma visits, she can levitate the kids with her touch.
I'm room mom for Victoria's class this year and had to design a class banner for their Fun Run. The teacher wanted the class to be called "The What"(based off the music group The Who). This was a giant 12 foot by 4 foot banner that the kids ran through during the run.

Bella's and Victoria's Fun Runs.

Victoria's class won an extra treat of doing a Color Run, where they throw dye packets on each other and chase each other around.

I teach Victoria's Faith Formation class this each. Kate's in it too! 

 Victoria was a Bumble Bee for Halloween this year. Her Girl Scout troop had a neat party where they went "Fishing for a Donut" (think apple bobbing- less wet, but still messy- she had sticky frosting in her hair and a giant smile the rest of the day.) 

Bella still does Drama Kids afterschool. She got o dress up in her Halloween costume of a mime, and they gave her the mustache and pirate patch just to have fun with.

 The girls still do gymnastics with their favorite coach Bethany. They got to dress up for Halloween.
Carving the pumpkin 


On Halloween night, we went to a block party at the end of the street, then Victoria went Trick or Treating with Layla and her sister, while Bella went out with her friend Natalie. Jer walked with them, while I sat in my yard and passed out candy with my neighbor Julie.

the loot
I found their "inventory list" and started laughing!
Victoria had 125 pieces and Bella had 77 pieces. Someone was obviously a little faster.

Victoria still loves to roller skate in the house.

Bella's birthday


We celebrated Bella's 8th birthday at the house.

 They played Mummy, Mummy, Come Alive on the trampoline.

 Freeze tag!

 Red Light/ Green Light

 I showed them how to draw Bella's favorite animal, a panda. Then they drew and painted their own picture.

 Bella wanted an ice cream cake from Baskin Robins- chocolate cake with cookies and cream ice cream inside.

 Instead of a piƱata, I saw an idea of wrapping candy into a giant ball with Reynolds wrap- each kid has only so much time to unwrap the ball and get their candy based upon the player to their right rolling a pair of dice until they get two pair. The kids loved it.
 Their party favor was a squirt bottle.


I think she had a good time!

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