Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day

Father's Day was this past Sunday. We tried to keep it low key, since we were exhausted from the wedding. We went over to Carol and Dick's for a great meal and to say "Happy Father's Day" to Dick too. Then we came home and chilled. Victoria and Bella made their Dad a painting and (I helped in making) a stepping stone for the garden. I am so happy to have Jer in my life and our kids' lives. He's funny, smart, and loving. And he'd probably tell me I'm being too Happy Father's Day!

Paul and Lauren Sadowski

My brother Paul married Lauren this past weekend. I'm so excited to have her be part of the family. It was a wonderful wedding at St. Anne's in Coppell, TX. It was very small. My dad read the readings. Jer, I, and the girls walked down the aisle to present the gifts- bread and wine. Afterward there was an amazing reception at Bent Tree Country Club- a yummy meal and plenty of dancing. Her family knows how to get down and boogie. I got to dance with both my brothers, (who are quite good especially after all there Swing classes) my dad, my husband (of coarse), and both girls. They loved the dancing. Bella was being flung around by Grandpa all over with all smiles. Victoria took a while to warm up to the idea, but once I actually got her on the dance floor, I couldn't keep her off of it. The girls also liked blowing the bubbles at the bride and groom as they took off for their honeymoon.

The wedding party- Lauren's sister's Katie and Becca (her twin) and Jeff (my other brother) and Jer.

My two little angels before the wedding. Don't let them foul you. I was on top of them for their manners in church for the entire wedding.

I had to include this picture. Bella loves her Uncle Jeff.
This morning Victoria asks me, "Mom will I get to wear a beautiful white dress on my wedding? And will you buy it for me?"

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Build A Bear

For Victoria's birthday, she received a gift certificate for Build A Bear from her friend Carson. Grandma Carol also had been asking to take both girls there, so we went to Build A Bear this past week. It's a shop in the mall that allows a child to choose the exact bear they want and go through the whole process of creating it. (See my slide show above.) First, you choose the bear style you want. Both of my girls wanted pink bears- Victoria's is a light pastel fuzzy pink bear and Bella's is smooth groovy multi-colored hot pink bear. (Can you tell their personalities?) Then you choose what you want your bear to play/sing/say, for example "I love you." Bella choose Bram's Lullaby and Victoria would not part with the Hannah Montana theme song. Then you go to a giant machine that is filled with fluff to stuff your bear. You push down with your foot on a lever and pump fluff into your bear. Afterward you choose a small red heart for your bear. You kiss it to show you love your bear; rub it on your forehead so that your bear will be as smart as you are; rub it on your ear so that he'll know your secrets; and rub it on your nose so that he'll know what your thinking. Then you put the heart into your bear and the lady sews her up. Next you take the bear to the bathing station and give him a bath. Then you choose an outfit for your bear. Bella choose a white dress with silver sparkles. Victoria choose a ballerina outfit- pink tutu and leotard with pink tie up ballet shoes and a pretty pink bow for the ear. Victoria was able to put the outfit on all by herself, except for the tie up shoes. Then you sit down at a computer station and come up with a name and birth certificate for your bear. Bella's bear is called "Bella the Bear." (Very original.) And Victoria's bear is called "Bow the Ballerina." They had so much fun. They have been hugging their bears all week. They've even taken them in the car to swim lessons. We've been playing nothing but bears- dressing them, feeding them, putting them to sleep and talking to them. Thanks Carson and Carol for the wonderful gifts!

Monday, June 15, 2009


We went to Austin this weekend with our wonderful friends Chris and Chuck and their family and friends. Great times!!!

It was sunny the entire trip, but spectacular! The girls did a ton of swimming. And I'm so proud of Victoria. For the first time, she wore a life jacket and swam the entire length of the pool in it all by herself!

On the second day, we took two boats out for a four hour tour. Jer drove one of the boats and Pete, the other. I was on the kid boat. Pete even let a very happy Victoria drive the boat. Victoria loved the experience. Bella cried the ENTIRE time on the boat. She desperately wanted her life jacket off. (She might be claustrophobic.)

We docked the boats next to the shore- giant rock formations. Apparently the lake level is way down, so you can see them. Everyone got off and swam in the water, except Victoria- who I could not convince that there were no sharks in the water. Jer even got to high dive off the rocks into the cool water below.

Jer, Chris, and Erin went kayaking, while I watched the kids at the pool.

We stayed at a really neat condo that over looked the lake. Definitely an awesome trip.

Sidewalk Chalk

The other day, I took the girls outside to draw with sidewalk chalk on the driveway. Julie and Braelyn were outside using a new type of sidewalk chalk that you paint with. It was pretty neat.

Bella really got into it. She even painted her leg blue- it came off in the bathtub, right after this episode.

Here is the information for it... (Thanks Julie.) This environmentally friendly sidewalk paint takes the place of the traditional sidewalk chalk. Its also very, very inexpensive! You can make you standard shades of red, green ,yellow, and blue; or, mix and match to create other shades.


¼ cup cornstarch
¼ cup cold water
6 to 8 drops of food coloring


1. Put cornstarch in a small plastic bowl and gradually stir in the cold water.
2. Add your desired food coloring and stir.
3. If the paint still feels too dry, just add a little more water until you get the consistency you prefer.
4. Repeat the process to create different colors.

This sidewalk paint washes off very easily and will not harm plumbing or plants … cornstarch is all natural and biodegradable.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Lake Roy Roberts

We went to Lake Roy Roberts this weekend to camp. It's about a thirty-five minute drive for us- nice, with two kids. We set up our tent at a great site right up on the lake. Then we went down to the beach and let the girls do some swimming. I was very impressed with them. Lately, they have been slightly scared of the water, not this time though. They laughed and played and ran and swam in the water for almost 2 hours. Victoria had a smile glued on her face the entire time and Bella kept dancing in the water. Then we built a sand castle and the girls helped pour water for the mote. Later that night, we did the classic hot dog supper followed by Sm ores. The highlight of the trip was when I went to the restroom with the girls and came back to find a flower and beer in my chair. When I explained to the girls that Daddy had left them for me, they're reply was, "Where's my flower?" I laughed. Daddy did give each of them flowers too then. It was a lovely time with perfect weather (high of 90, low of 69). An air mattress this time, made all the difference in a good night's sleep. I do wish, however, that I had worn more mosquito repellent. Looking forward to going again. See slide show above this blog for more picture highlights.

Monday, June 1, 2009

One Busy Week

OK, I so was wanting a stress-free relaxing summer week- maybe next week. Do you see where my two little angels are? That's right, on the "Time Out" bench, a place they seem to know very well this week. Bella had said "Poop" more times this week, then I care to count. And Victoria has been a little instigator and tattletail.
We went to the Splash park this week. Bella loved it. She is definitely my water baby, sorry, water big girl.

Victoria was a little more cautious and enjoyed it from afar. It's always this way in the beginning of summer. It takes her a couple of weeks to get use to the idea of water. In fact, I was looking for Victoria at the Splash park and didn't know where she was. I found her basking in the sun on her towel, she had set up all by herself.

Bella has done a great job potty training, although she's such a crack up. She seriously did this to herself- panties on head (either that or Victoria helped her, verdicts still out.) She has had a couple of accidents (to be expected). During a trip to Sprouts, I sent her in to go potty and was unloading the groceries from the car. When I opened the door, Victoria yells- Bella's peeing on the table. Bella had gotten side tracked by an interesting object on the kitchen counter and had climbed up her little table to look at it. I guess in all the excitement, she let go. And in I walk to see a water fountain cascading off the one table onto the floor. (Oh joy, and we were going to eat lunch at that table.)

My parents and Paul and Lauren came by on Friday for pizza and the Wii. Paul and Lauren officially had their "first fight." OK, it was on the Wii- they fought each other in boxing.

On Saturday, I went to Lauren's bridal shower, while Jer took the girl's to Chloe's 3rd birthday party. Yeah! She had a tea party. The girl's even got to paint their fingernails.
I came over after the shower and had baked KFC (very good) and played on the trampoline with everyone. We played "Ring Around the Rosie" and "Chase"- a blast! Who needs a bounce house? Then Jer got on the tramp and had the kids sit down as he bounced them. That's when I got some great pics. (I love my camera.)

Bella didn't have a nap. Five minutes after this picture, she had a melt down and we had to leave.
On Sunday we went to go see Up in 3D at the movies. It was so good! I loved watching Victoria laugh hysterically at the movie. She had a great time. Even Bella had a good time, but it was about 20 minutes too long. After I put her in lap, she was OK for another 5 minutes. Then she wanted to go sit in Daddy's lap, and she was good for the rest of the movie.
Another great week, but very busy. Even when I try to slow it down, it still speeds by so fast.

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