Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Mama's sick

Well, it's offical. Mama's sick too. Didn't run fast enough away. I spent the weekend in the sick ward. I went to the doctor this morning to find out if it was strep or contagious. It's a negative. Just a simple cold with yucky cough. Jer has it really bad right now. He was actually the one that made me go to the doc this morning. He was up all last night complaining about his hacking and thinking it was strep. I guess I'll just let it run it's coarse.
Victoria said the cutest thing yesterday. I told her I was going to make carrot and celery sticks for a snack. She says, "I have an idea." I asked, "What's your idea?" Although I was thinking- idea? you're only 2!- where do you come up with this stuff? Her reply, "I want a fruit roll up."

Thursday, September 20, 2007


Victoria started Preschool two weeks ago. She loves it! Walked right in and made herself at home! The teachers always giggle, because she runs in, throws her Pink Dog high up into the air out of excitement, and says "Hi!". She gets to go to art and music classes, sing songs, listen to stories, read books, go to the chapel, and make new friends. I have to say I was a little teary eyed when she ran into her classroom the first day and it felt like she was all grown up for a second- then Bella started to cry. It was really amazing that she even got in to this Preschool- she was #27 on the waiting list in May (didn't know you were suppose to register in Febuary.) My little grown up goes two days a week. I'm using that time for some good one on one with Bella. We go to the library time and sometimes the park. I've helped her walk with the walker. Since Victoria isn't grabbing for it, Bella seems to be doing quite well. The other day she took 5 steps all by herself. She can say a ton of words- ball, bye-bye, ought-oh, woof, roar, and book.

This past week has been a tough one. I couldn't tell if Bella was teething, sick, or going threw that developemental stage of clinginess, but she was driving me crazy. Everytime she saw me, she wanted to be picked up, then put down, then picked up, then put down. And Victoria had a cough and wasn't feeling 100 percent- wasn't sure if it was allergies or a cold. Then yesterday, Bella's eyes crusted up and she had problems sleeping last night. I took her to the doctor today- Ear infection. Did I mention that Jer got the cold last night? What's a mommy to do? Run, hide.

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