Wednesday, September 3, 2014

First Day of School and Labor Day

 The girls went back to school last week with lots of smiles! They love their teachers. Victoria has her first male teacher ever whom she thinks is wonderful because he likes to tell stories and doesn't mess with organization too much. (At Meet the Teacher night we saw the difference between the way guy and girls run their classrooms and where they put their things. We finally ended up stuffing Victoria's desk with all her classroom supplies because we couldn't figure out where to put any of the materials that were to be place throughout the room.)

The Friday before school started we had some visitors at our house. My friend Angie went into Labor early and we got to keep her kids at our house for the night. We had fun making brownies and playing. We were also keeping Dave and Denise's dogs Sydney and Brigsbee. I think the girls now want more siblings and more dogs. Although it was very fun, I'm very  happy to have some time to myself now that the kids are back in school.

 Labor Day weekend was fun. We met Dave and Denise for dinner at Masu (a sushi and hibachi grill). The girls love to watch their meal being cooked in front of them; the highlight is when they make a volcano out of an onion and light it on fire. On Saturday we went over to Carol and Dick's house and got to have dinner with Jer's relatives Uncle Nick, Aunt Bev, Mark and Julie, and their kids Luke and Zachary. On Monday we went to Lake Texoma and rented a catamaran and went sailing. It was 30-35 mile an hour winds, and we went fast. The water was spraying our bodies the entire time and the wind made it feel freezing, so it didn't last long when the kids started to complain. I believe Victoria's exact words were- this is miserable! Well, we tried.

 So they played on the shore for an hour then we came home.

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