Friday, January 18, 2013

Miscellaneous pictures

We met the Schooer family during the holidays at the Galleria mall for ice skating. The kids were in awe of the giant tree that we got to skate around.
We met my old teachers from Christie Elementary and their kids for a play date over the holidays. We use to get together more when they were little. It's amazing how fast everyone grows up and also that the kids really do remember each other from when they were little.
One night we took hot wings over to Jay and Julie's house. The girls of coarse played dress up and put on a show for us.
Victoria made her first Reconciliation with her best friend Kate. She was in and out in under 3 minutes. She ran up to me afterward and said, "That was fast and easy Mom." She was given one Hail Mary for penance. The following Sunday she and Kate ran up to the priest, Father Zack and said, "Remember us?" He grinned and said I'm not allowed to talk about that.
We met Carol and Dick at Dave and Busters one weekend and played shuffleboard. The girls enjoyed their root beers. I was surprised at how good Victoria and Bella were at shuffleboard; it took me a while to remember how hard to push the disc.
Victoria is selling Girl scout cookies. She is so excited! She came home after the first meeting and made a poster all by herself. The official first day that she could sell them, she went door to door on our one street with her sister. She made Bella hold the sign and said, "And smile, because little kids will sell cookies." Smart kid. So far we've sold over a hundred!
One day the girls dressed up as a Mom and Dad and decided to go on a date with their 9 kids. Jer played a joke on them and hid one of the kids and then asked them to name all their kids. As they were pointing to each kid and saying their name, they realized that they were missing a kid. They ran around shouting, "We're missing a kid! We're missing a kid!"  
Jer decided to dig up the old wax mertle in our front yard. It took him forever; it's roots were insanely everywhere. Victoria and Bella helped by giving him the tools and moving some of the dirt.
Victoria said the Pledge of Allegiance during her school's morning announcements. She later told me it was the best part of her day.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Albuquerque Christmas and New Years

We went to Albuquerque after Christmas to see my folks. It was cold there- in the 20s the whole time. We were able to take the kids to the park, but only for 15 minutes.
They mainly played in doors. Bella created a playhouse out of a box and they used a doll ornatment as the puppet and produced a play.
Bella was finally not sick and could actually hold Peter this time.
The girls were happy to give Peter his presents.
Grandpa showed us his new telescope. I was in awe by the brightness and complexity of the moon.
Paul and Lauren gave the girls some bubblebath as part of their present. They had a blast splashing around in the water and making bubble beards.
Peter is still at that age wher he gets tuckered out and needs a lot of naps.
We went skiing for two days in Santa Fe. The first day was aweful- we couldn't get the kids in ski school, so we ended up teaching some very whinny kids how to fall in the snow :) The next day was also bad, but only because the road up to the ski slope was iced over and scarey. But we were able to get up there (we had to, because we had the skiis in our car and shoes at the top of the mountain.) We had a good time that day, even though it was a white out. We were able to put the kids in classes and they seemed to enjoy skiing for that day.
We also went for a walk in the arroyo with Jeff and july's dog Lilly (who were on vacation).  We found a shopping cart in there and Daddy pushed Victoria around.
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We came home on New year's eve and had pork chps, sauerkraut, dumplings, and hot dogs (our tradition NY food) then set off some small fireworks and sparklers.
We came back to Frisco on New Years. The girls were tired and wanted to "just relax" and eat some chicken noodle soup.

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