Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

A special thanks to all the people who serve in the armed forces and those who have died for our rights- Thank you! God bless America!
On Monday, our family headed over to Grandma Carol and Grandpa Dick's house for family time and grilling. They had the splash pool with blow up slides set up. The kids loved it! Jeremy's cousins Mark and Julie and their two Zachary and Luke also were able to make it. It was so nice to see little ones again, especially boys-cuties.

The picnic- hamburger, hot dogs, queso, guacamole, chips, watermelon, strawberries, veggie tray, and cookies- Yum!

I got to see my parents this weekend too. They came over to our new house and we had brats, corn, beans, and hot dogs for the kids. Then went for a walk around the neighborhood, while Victoria and Bella rode their bikes. A great weekend!

Funny Stories

Last night Bella had a dream.

Bella- "I was a beautiful princess."
Mom- "That's great. Was I the queen?"
Bella- "No. Victoria was the queen.... And Daddy was the king. And you were the maid."

I didn't know whether to laugh or cry :)


A couple of days ago, Carol and Dick came by the house and we played a card game. As we were playing (Carol and I on one team, Dick and Jer on the other), we were doing some serious bantering- "Take that!" "How dare you!" "You're so mean!" etc. Well, the girls movie ended and they decided to join us. Victoria was surprised by what we were saying to each other and I had to explain to her that we were joking with each other. At that second, Jer plays a "Take that!" move, and Carol screams, "That's not nice!", I say, "What should we do?" Victoria thinks for a moment and says, "Let's take away their beers." My kind of girl! :)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Victoria's Graduation

Victoria had her last day of preschool on this Wednesday. Last Friday, Friends in Christ Preschool had a cute ceremony were she wore a graduate hat and walked across stage. Grandma Mary, Grandpa Joe, Grandma Carol, Daddy, and Mommy cheered for our little girl, who is no longer not so little. She is amazingly smart- can read a couple of books, writes a couple of words, and is pretty good at using "big words." We love her!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New Home

Drum roll please....
It's official! We've moved (although only 5 minutes from our old place.) The girls love it because it's a 2 story. I love it for the space- I can actually see all my clothes now, even have them separated in a rainbow pattern- fun!
We couldn't have done this as stress-free without the help of others- our friends and family- thank you!!! for watching the kids, hooking up stuff, fixing stuff, cleaning, or climbing to new heights to hang a picture.

One of my favorite parts of the house is the outside swing. When Bella fell the first night in the house, I brought her outside and swung with her; she calmed down instantly. Anytime I need a break, I go outside and veg. Loving it! (This is a picture of one of Victoria's good friends Brianna who came over to see the house.)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Victoria Turns 5!

I'm so proud of Victoria! She has really grown and blossomed over the past year. She gave a report on monkeys in school a couple of days ago. She stood up there in front of all her class and a bunch of parents and gave a great report on what a monkey looks like, its' rainforest's habitat, what a monkey eats, and their babies. All of the parents were even telling me- Wow, your daughter did great. This is the same girl that hid behind my leg last year at the end of the year party. Along with being chatty, she has also gotten kind of silly. She laughs at everything!

We had her 5th birthday party at Tuscany Meadows park in Frisco. Luckily the rain held off and it was a great day for a party!

The gang!

They played on the playground, played follow the leader, and played hide and seek.

After they got hot, I had a pot decorating activity. They used Sharpies to color a flower pot.

Once again, my silly little girl.

After they were done coloring the pots, I let the kids choose a flower that I planted in their pot.

Daddy went and got their favorite- pizza. We also had chips, giant strawberries and carrots.

"Dirt Dessert"
Make instant Chocolate Pudding.
Mix pudding with Cool Whip to your liking or whatever turns it the color of dirt (~ 1/2 small container).
Crush Oreo cookies (~10 cookies) in a bag with a hammer and sprinkle on top.
Add gummy worms and a flower.
The real secret is calling it "dirt" in a really gross way and making a yuck face :)

Opening presents.
Jer and I got Victoria a bunch of Fancy Nancy books. She loved them- grabbed them off the table and started running around, then sat directly on the ground and started to read them- I had to remind her that she needed to open the rest of her presents.

Grandma Mary and Grandpa Joe got Victoria a beautiful, fancy jewelry holder and a Tinkerbell necklace.

Grandma Carol and Grandpa Dick got Victoria a Treasure chest with rabbit skin lining. It contained a treasure of jewels and fancy shoes, along with Polly Pockets.

Victoria had a great time at her party. She jumped in the car and was out! Pleasant dreams!

We went over to Grandma Carol and Grandpa Dick's house to celebrate his birthday next. Great times! The kids were on a sugar high, but I wouldn't have had it any other way!

I should probably also update this blog by saying that it has been a very busy and eventful week/weekend. Jer was involved in a car accident on Thursday- the car is totalled, but Jer only has a couple of bruises and a broken toe. Thank You God! The end of the year is approaching fast for Victoria and Bella's school and I've been doing personalized End of the Year teacher gifts. We've also been showing the house- had 20 plus showings in one month. (I've been clean, clean, cleaning.) We've also gone to Kate's birthday party (Victoria's best friend.) Next week should be pretty eventful too! More to come.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What Little Girls Are Made Of...

Victoria at bed tonight- "Girls are made of cake and sugar and everything nice, and boys are made of brocolli and stew and everything yucky."

Friday, May 7, 2010

Bag Ladies

Let me preface this post by with saying that in my defense I had already packed about 70 percent of the kids' toys for the move, and we had just come back from the grocery store, and I was busy checking my email on the computer. Bella and Victoria come up to me and say "Look Mom, we're playing dress up."

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Roller coaster

Our lives have been on a roller coaster the last couple of weeks. We decided to move 3 weeks ago, have put our house on the market, and have been looking for houses in Frisco. I don't know how people do this- what a frustrating process! Just when I think that I have everything figured out- Wham!- a new loop in the roller coaster. I would love to tell you where I'll be living, but am afraid to do so. It has changed twice over the last week, and I'm afraid of jinxing it. But I will let you know when we have the keys in hand. Along this journey, we've also celebrated numerous birthdays, including Jeremy's at Buca de Beppo with his entire extended family- really nice! However, with my scattered brain I forgot to bring a camera, so you'll just have to take my word for it that everyone had a smile on their face and we all had lost ten pounds:) This Sunday we went over to my Mom and Dad's house and celebrated both Jeremy and my Mom's birthdays with brisket and a Irish Cream cake- yum! All in all, I'm very exhausted and I can see the end in sight. Hopefully, next blog I'll have a picture of the house.

I had to throw this picture in- right before Daddy's party, I had asked the girls to go get ready for Buca de Beppo. I go to check on them after a few minutes, and Victoria is dressed in a fancy dress with a hat and purse (her favorite books right now are the Fancy Nancy series). Bella didn't change, but spent her time "making Daddy a present for his birthday." It's an animal parade with all the animals decorated with all of her hair clips and bows.

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