Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas etc.

 Josh, Renae, Caleb, Chloe, and Keira came to visit for the first week of winter break. We met up at the bowling alley with the rest of the family. It was a giant affair.

 Carol, Cindy, Quinn

The gals- Barb, Carol, Cindy, Quinn, Denise, Renae
 The boys-Dave, Dave, Jer, Dick, Jerry, Josh
 Ops, forgot some boys- Tanner and Caleb

 The littler gals- Bella, Tessa, Keira, Victoria, and Chloe
 playing Empire Monopoly and having a tea party

 Christmas morning...
Bella wanted a Furby for Christmas. She didn't expect it to talk to her through the package.
Victoria was happy to get her new doll.
 Bella thanked Victoria for her new book.
 Jer showed the girls how to use their new bow and arrow sets.
 A cool new flying fairy doll.

 Christmas dinner at Caroland Dick's house.

 The girls performed a gymnastic play/dance for us.

 Getting out of the house for a walk.

Making Christmas cookies

 Marlee and Nico came over to exchange Christmas books with the girls. Victoria showed Nico her new bow. Bella and Marlee enjoyed a swing ride and "tried" not to get muddy.

 Play date at the park

 Who remembers doing this when they were a kid?

Merry Christmas!

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