Monday, April 28, 2014

Jer's 40th Birthday Trip to CA

 For Jer's 40th birthday we went to California. We flew into San Francisco and enjoyed some mussels and drinks over looking the bay. We were very fortunate to have our good friends and family (Dave, Denise, Gary, and Deb) help celebrate the time.
 Golden Gate Bridge

 It was SO BEAUTIFUL there!
 On our first and third days we visited Sonoma and on our second we visited Napa. Our first stop was Ferrari Carano Winery. The Italian gardens were fantastic.

 Jer wanted a limo for his birthday. It was fun to have everyone ride together and goof off, but getting in and out was some what difficult.
 I met a friend at Tally Winery. They had friendly animals at every winery.

 The view during our picnic.

 There was a cave at Bella Winery. (Yes, we went there for the name.)

 Dave enjoys a cuddle with another friend.
 Toward the end of the first day, I was getting wined out and retreated to enjoy the countryside. When I went to go get our group and remind them that our limo was almost out of time, a really neat thing happened. I was able to meet the wine maker himself of Mazzocco Wines. (Thanks Dave!) He used a Wine Thief to let us try all of his barrels- awesomeness!

 The next day Dan and Darcy joined our group. It was rainy out, but that didn't stop the view from being beautiful.
 Our first stop was Robert Mondavi Winery where we got a lesson on wine from one of Jer's fellow Knights of Columbus friends named Bob. We learned that they plant roses next to grapes, because they will start to show mildew before the grapes.

 We traveled to Darioush Winery. It was done in a modern Persian style- very fancy.

 The guys had fun goofing off at Hall Winery. (Darcy works with Mr. Hall.)

 The date night couples at an Italian restaurant.

 Another of our friends at Merry Edwards Winery. It was here that I learned I actually do like Sauvignon Blanc wines.

 Matanza Creek Vineyards

 The castle at Ledson Winery
 We went to the early morning mass at Santa Barbara Church. The solo lady who sang the songs was amazing.
It was a great trip! And I made many fun memories with a great group of friends. I know Jeremy had a great 40th!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


 Braelyn came over on Saturday to help dye Easter eggs. Both her parents were sick and I was so glad we could continue the tradition of being together.

 Afterward we had a Easter egg hunt indoors, since Jer had just put down Rabbit-be-gone-stuff/poison? outside. I hid them in the front living room area. They were so good at finding the eggs in under 4 minutes (each kid found 6), that Carol and Jer wanted to really hide them in the dining room. One was hidden up under the table ledge of the dining table, so they had to crawl just right to see it. Jer even hid one in the chair lining of that he was sitting in- slightly unfair :) I think that might have been more fun for the adults then kids.

 We went to Easter mass at 9:30 with Carol and Dick in the old church hall. It was a beautiful day and amazing weather. It was a glorious mass with such meaning. (I teared up several times at mass, a new raw emotion for me since the retreat.) There was so many people that both our old church, our new church, and the courtyard was beyond bursting at the seams- something beautiful to with hold. The kids looked so pretty in their dresses, which unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of since they changed as soon as we got home.
 I think their favorite part of the Easter basket was the giant chocolate bunny.
 The Easter bunny also left some new play dough. The girls spent making things for a couple of hours. Look at how creative Victoria was at making a rose with the play dough! She knew to grab a chopstick for stability.

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