Monday, July 8, 2013

Hot Springs

We traveled to Hot Springs, Arkansas this past weekend for a quick vacation at the old historic Arlington Hotel. We traveled with the Potts family- Jay, Julie, Braelyn, and little Grayson. Braelyn rode in our van with the girls and they watched all of our rented library movies.  When we arrived the girls grabbed as many brochures about Arkansas as they could and started planning our trip.
The girls were so thrilled to see that our hotel rooms adjoined.
The girls take it easy and wait for the adults in the lobby before breakfast.
Bella finds a walking stick.

The gang poses outside the Arlington Hotel.
It was cute to watch how they spent most of their time holding hands while window shopping.

We explored the different rooms of the hotel and came upon the ballroom. The girls had to dance. 
Going on a nature hike. Braelyn found her treasure- a pinecone and a rock. Check out Victoria's hairstyle that she came up with a week ago and wants me to do almost every day.

We found a off the path seating area that overlooked the hotel pool.
While Jer enjoys his coffee, the girls built a mouse house out of nature.

We took another walk to the Hot Springs National Park.
Victoria and Braelyn rushed to the Springs and stuck their hands in only to proclaim- ouch; it's hot!
This is the Arlington Hotel from above the Springs.
The water of the Springs is an average 143 degrees. They had water fountains to drink the Spring water. Bella was the only brave kid to do it. It didn't taste refreshing, being so hot, but did have a good taste to it.
By the end of the hike all three girls found their walking stick.
We rewarded the hikers with Snowcones!
Victoria has a conversation with Grayson. I wish I would have gotten a picture of Bella with Grayson- she was practically glued at his hip.

Julie gives Braelyn a tote. The only way to travel! Thank goodness she's so light.
Going swimming.

For the 4th of July, we got tickets for a boat trip on the lake to eat dinner and watch the fireworks.
Waiting for the excursion to begin.
Jay and Julie
Dancing after the fireworks.

We went to the Coleman mines about 45 minutes away from Hot Springs to mine for crystals. Everyone found some.


Jer and Jay tried to play a trick on the girls. They implanted a giant fake diamond in the dirt then told the kids that they saw something there and had them dig it up. Bella's look was priceless. Braelyn was excited too; Victoria didn't buy it for one second. 

Victoria realizes that putting her crystals in her boots that she's walking in is not such a good idea.
Bella was queen of finding crystals and actually won a bet with Daddy over who would find the largest crystal. As the girls and I were walking back to the car Bella glances over and finds the mother load of crystals- a rock containing 20-30 small crystals jutting from it, probably worth $50. In the background are the two nice guys we were digging with- (another) Jay and Sam.

Bella was proud of her reward for finding the biggest crystal- ICE CREAM (beats giving Daddy a foot message).
In this picture she is telling us "look at all I got us"- referring to the ice cream. Jer and I were cracking up.
Good to the last drop.
Victoria and Bella slept together in one bed. It was funny seeing how they would wake up each morning. Usually Victoria was entangled on top of/ beside Bella. A couple of mornings Bella woke up first and said- Mom I can't move. I pity Victoria's future husband.
It w a fun trip.

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