Saturday, December 27, 2008

It's Begining to Look Alot Like Christmas

I love having kids at Christmas! When they get excited, I get excited. And the entire month of Christmas has been pure excitement. We've done so many cool things, too many to count. We've had Christmas celebrations with friends and family, eaten a ton of yummy meals and cookies, made cookies with friends
(thanks Kathryn!), eaten our daily Advent chocolates, imbibed with delicious drinks (thanks Carol for showing me how to make Amaretto), and gotten a few good rest days thanks to my cold/sinus infection/ear infection (thanks Jer for watching the girls and being so wonderful to me)!

The night before Christmas, Santa's elves put the final touches on the Wizard of Oz set that was the girl's main Christmas present. A month earlier, Mrs. Santa had bought all of the little Madam Alexander Dolls of the Wizard of Oz- 12 in all. She also bought 5 bird houses (Emerald City, Witch's Castle, Dorthy's House,and two Munchkin Houses), a box for the dolls, a box for the entire present to be stored in, and 20 rectangular wooden slabs (the yellow brick road) from Micheal's to be painted to look like the Wizard of Oz set. Santa and his elves worked very hard on painting it, cutting out the doors, and hot gluing flowers and sequins onto it. Needless to say, they outdid themselves. On Christmas Eve, they set it up under the tree.

On Christmas morning, Victoria woke up first and comes out from her bedroom. First thing she says is "Did Santa eat all of his cookies?" Next we wake up Bella and head into the living room. The girls loved their Wizard of Oz present; they played for about 15 minutes with it. Victoria's favorite present was a Barbie doll, (although she had been asking Santa for a $200 ride on dinosaur that was bigger than a dishwasher- not gonna happen- Santa can't deliver something so big.) Bella's favorite was a Curious George doll. The funny part was when I asked Victoria what her favorite toy was, she said "a rock"- she had just been playing with a little toy dinosaur and it's environmental rocks.

It was a wonderful Christmas! And now the clean up begins. I had thought that today I could finaly conquer the mound of dirty laundry that has been piling up, however, Victoria woke up throwing up and Jer just got a cold, so it's been a TV watching day. We watched a movie that my brother Jeff gave to Bella and Victoria- Pippi Longstocking- one of my old favorites, and now, one of the girls' favorites. Although I got nothing done, I truely enjoyed this day of taking it easy.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas!

Last Saturday we went to "Breakfast with Santa" at Bella and Victoria's school. I worked the craft booth, while Jeremy, Grandma Carol, and Grandpa Dick took the girls to wait in line for Santa. This is the picture I got. Victoria is all lovey-dovey with Santa and Bella wants nothing to do with him. Later, as I was talking to Bella, I asked her if she wanted to go see Santa again. Yes! she replied eagerly. So I took her to the mall for a better picture with Santa. We waited in line for about 5 minutes and both girls were so excited. They were jumping up and down and blowing kisses to Santa. Everything was great until I put her on Santa's lap for the picture. Well, there's always next year.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Christmas Tree

This weekend we put up our Christmas tree. The girls enjoyed hanging the ornaments, however, the bottom branches were cluttered and the top didn't have any ornaments.

Victoria was so meticulous about where every ornament went.

My family came over on Saturday for supper and to play.

We made Smores for dessert. We actually roasted the marshmallows over the fire in the fireplace. Jer burnt a few, but they were delicious. It was the first time my Dad had had a Smore- he loved it.

Friday, November 28, 2008


We celebrated Thanksgiving with Carol and Dick this Thursday and my parents last Saturday. Carol cooked the turkey and stuffing and made gravy- yum- my favorites. They actually let me cook this year; I made the cranberry salad and it turned out pretty good- only 4 ingredients, so you can't mess up too badly.

Denise and Dave brought some good wines. Barb made a delicious carrot cake.

The guys debate.

Dave talks to Caleb about his Spuds Spiderman.

The kids dig in first while the parents dish up. If you look close enough you can see the little wine glasses filled with sparkling white grape juice- they loved it.

The kids and Grandma and Grandpa ate at one table, while the adults ate at the other. (I swear this was Grandma's idea, and I didn't complain.) I actually think it was quieter at the kids table.

After the turkey, we went for a walk to a little park by their house and played on the slides and in the foam rocks. Victoria really bonded well Tessa and wanted to do everything with her.

Renae and Kiera enjoy the day for a while, before she has to dash home to change her- Oops.

This was so cute. I think Bella and Chloe are best friends too. As we were walking back from the park, Chloe of coarse was walking faster then Bella. She would turn around and see Bella, and then run back to her and give her a hug. This continued at least ten times. Ah, the things to be thankful for.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The reason I will never be a kid photographer...

We had a play date over at my house today. I made the insane suggestion of getting a group picture. We all grabbed our kids, put them on the roller coaster, and tried to get them all to look in one direction. Luckily I have a fast flash camera, so I put it on continuous shoot and took about 20 pictures in 30 seconds. This is the best shot I got-a somewhat decent picture. I still don't have all the kids looking directly at me, but 6 out of nine isn't bad.
As I was reviewing them, I had to laugh. It's amazing what was happening in that 30 seconds and the personality of all the different kids, inparticular my little Bella. Notice in this one she's trying to grab Kiera's hair.
I guess Kiera was too far away, so she grabs Victoria's hair instead.

What is this? Bella's playing dead?

The kids were waiting for Ms. Patti to show them how to make the cutest little pumpkin pies. She showed them how to measure milk and whip the pudding.

I had such a blast with all my friends.

We also created turkeys and Fall hand trees. The turkeys were made out of marshmallows, goggley eyes, feathers, pipe cleaners, and foam beads. Bella's and Victoria's birds had small bites taken out of them- yummy marshmallows.

Bella enjoys her pumpkin pie!
Happy Thanksgiving friends! We are so thankful to have you in our lives! You are amazing friends! Thank you!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Weekend Road Trip

We decided to take a road trip this weekend. Jer's been really wanting to go to Vicksburg after we went to Gettysburg this summer, so... we loaded up the family, stopped for Jer's Mom and Dad and drove to Mississippi. Jer had said it would be about 5 1/2 hours, however, I believe it was closer to 7 hours. Carol, Victoria, and Bella wait patiently to be checked out of our room in Shreveport. This was our half-way stop. We got in on a Friday night at 8:30. Jer and Dick did some gambling that night. The next morning I walked into the casino, but quickly walked out- it looses its flare in the morning lights. We were up 20 dallors until Jer made me play Roolet (seriously, he sat me down and said we're not leaving until you gamble some.) We lost 15 dollars at that table, before I finally got up and said, let's go. All in all, we were up 5 dollars.
This is the way to travel in style. Daddy totes Victoria on our luggage.
Bella wants in on the act. (Whatever sister has or does she wants.) Dick totes Bella on the luggage.
The gang in Shreveport.
My daughter has a fascination with canons.
Victoria and Bella play Ring Around the Rosie in the gift shop at Vicksburg. Grandma ended up buying this hat for Bella. She reminds me of an old fashioned Holly Hobby that I had as a child named Betsy. Too cute.
Vicksburg was awesome! We bought a CD to listen to in the car as we drove around the battleground. They had a ton of elaborate monuments that were breathtaking.
Can you believe this is a November day in Mississippi? The wind was blowing, but it was about 65 degrees. Leaves were falling all over the place. Carol remarked that they looked like gold falling.
The Lunn's climb the trenches.
Grant leads the army into battle. The moon was actually out in late afternoon.
The Texas monument was located on a giant hill. It was one of the last we saw before the afternoon turned to darkness and we left the museum before it closed or closely thereafter.
The Mississippi river at sunset as we take a "scenic detour" that Jer insists is not that far. (Need I say more.)
On the way home we stopped at the antique shops in Forney. (Like my driving glasses and squirmy kids?) They were closed, so we went to Chili's and had a feast. A great weekend!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Victoria dresses herself

I told the girls I was going to go get dressed today after breakfast. As I'm getting ready Victoria comes into my bathroom as proudy says "I'm ready to go Mom." She had dressed herself completely! A first, especially without being told. Although her shirt is on backward and she's wearing her shiny church shoes (her favorites), I'm extemely proud of her.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween is in the air!

My kids have been going crazy. We've been doing Halloween related things this whole week. Jer thinks its the candy, but, truthfully, we haven't given them that much. I think it's just the air of Halloween- it's just so much fun! We went to Patti's house for our playgroup and dressed in our costumes. She had a scavenger hunt that the kids loved. They ran from one place to another in her backyard, learning clues, getting candy, and having a blast. Later, we had these neat Mummy hotdogs and put icing on Halloween cookies.

Victoria wanted to be a cat for Halloween this year. However, the weather didn't quite cooperate. It was 70 this day and her warm costume came off very fast.

I found a really cute bee costume for Bella. Once again, it was too warm.

Mommy was a hippie. The wig was even too hot for this weather. Peace out.

I love this picture. Her eyes and mouth are too precious.

So I went to Toys R Us to buy diapers on the night before Halloween and they had all their costumes 50 % off, so I bought "cooler" costumes for the girls. Bella was Abby Cadavey from Sesame Street and Victoria wore her Butterfly Fairy Princess costume from last year. I made her a make shift wand out of a plastic spoon and fabric after she saw Bella's wand and wanted one of her own. Jer even dressed up as my hippie man. He wanted so badly to put a Vote Obama sticker on his outfit- Ha.

This is the gang we went with- Kate, Abby, and Brealyn. What fun we had!

Bella figured out fast how to Trick or Treat. She was always first at every house walking to the next one as soon as she got her candy. She had so much candy that her container was hard to carry and I dumped some out into our wagon. I think a bunch of neighbors gave her extra because she's so little and was saying all the punch words- Trick or Treat, Thank You, and Happy Halloween.

They were so excited to be getting candy. They ran to every house and did that high pitch giggle when they dropped the candy into their buckets and bags.

Awe, friendship!

The loot!

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