Monday, March 31, 2014

Girl Scouts, Firefly Run, Rough Rider Game, & Friends

 On Wednesdays I volunteer at the library, then go have lunch with both my girls. Yes, I pack two lunches- usually fruit or veggies for the first, then popcorn or a sandwich for the second. The girls get to pick one friend to sit with us. Bella loves to pick her best friend Natalie. Victoria picked her good friend and next door neighbor Campbell. 
Victoria was waiting with all her fellow Girl Scouts to go on a field trip to Frisco Family Services, where she learned what the community is really in need of (tooth brushes, deodorant) and what they really don't need as much (green beans, grape jelly).
 I went up to school on Friday to give Victoria my old Ipod to use at the end of the day because her well behaved class won the right to bring an electronic in from home. (I had to charge it first.) I got to have lunch with her and her friend Kayla.
 On Saturday I did a 5K run called the Firefly with my friend and neighbor Julie and another neighborhood mom Colleen. It was a bunch of fun. We decked out in glow sticks and ran at night.
The weather has been extremely beautiful this weekend, highs in the 70s. We went to the first Rough Rider game of the season and saw them on a winning streak 5-1.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Brother's Visit

My brother Paul, Lauren, and Peter came to see us a day on their Spring Break. We had such a great time! We went to Kotta for a sushi lunch.
Peter enjoyed my lemon from my drink. He really likes lemons and limes. He sat there for 5 minutes sucking the lemon. He would put it on his lips, make a yucky face, then proceed to suck it for a minute, and repeat the whole thing over again.

We let the kids play on the trampoline. Peter had so much fun and couldn't stop laughing the whole time. He really didn't bounce much, but loved the uneasy feeling of walking on its surface and running in a circle chasing the girls or vice versa.


 Paul tried to hold him and bounce, but he wanted to keep going on his own.
 He did allow Jer to throw him in the air.

  He also enjoyed our old toddler roller coaster that we set up for him.
Victoria shows Paul how its done.
Bella shows off for Paul too.
I got the majority of these pictures from Paul's camera on FaceBook- isn't he a great photographer. I guess he also visited an old airplane museum. I loved this picture of him. Hopefully next time he visits we'll get more time, because we already miss them. Not to mention Peter is growing so fast that he barely looks like the kid I remembered just from Thanksgiving.






Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Spring Break Part 2

We traveled to Winter Park Colorado for 2 days of skiing during Spring Break. We got there late at night, but that didn't stop Bella from jumping from bed to bed. "Who me?" The next day we spent what felt like an eternity making sure everyone had the proper clothes and equipment. Now I remember why I dislike skiing so much, besides the cold. It wore on the girls and me, check out their "I'm sick of this" poses.
We had a great day skiing. Jer and I skied greens the entire time together, while the kids went to ski school and learned to ski again. (This was there 3rd time.) It was what Jer called a Blue Bird Day- meaning the weather was sunny and ski conditions perfect. We all crashed early that night after super.
Josh and Renae drove over from Colorado Springs to come ski with us the next day. The kids were so excited!
Unfortunately a storm had blown in that night and the wind and snow really picked up. Skiing was still doable, but just a lot colder and harder.
All the kids had a group 3 hour lesson with a teacher. While waiting for their class they played hand games. 
 Josh, Renae, Jer and I skied together on greens and blues. This was my first time sking blues where I felt confident. The weather made it difficult and several times we had to poll it (use our hands and polls to build speed) to another location. After the kids class, we had lunch at a crepe place. Later we ate dessert there- amazing Nutella and apple crepes.
 I tried to get pictures of the kids skiing with my cell phone, but they were fast! And it was so cold! Especially with my hands out of the gloves to take the pictures. Here's one of Bella.
 We had a wonderful time skiing!
And a wonderful time with our cousins and family!
 As soon as the kids got in the car, they were out.
 There was an excellent pizza place one hour from the ski resort and on the way to the airport. The kids played while the adults talked. Such fun!
 Back at home the next day, Victoria shows me how to eat asparagus.
 The next day at school was St. Patrick's Day. The kids wore their green. The neighborhood kids came over to jump on the trampoline and goof off.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Spring Break Part 1

What beautiful weather we have had for Spring Break! The first part of our vacation was at home. So I had decided to do some things around the area. We went to the Little Elm Beach on Monday.
 We invited the neighbor boy Austin (blonde in neon green shirt) and Bella's classmate Natalie (brunette in light blue shirt below). My friend Chris with her kids Nico and Marlee met us up there. The pictures say it all.

 All the kids helped in building a castle out of sand, rocks, and found objects.

 Bella and Marlee find a giant rock that they want to add to the castle. They tried to roll it, but didn't get very far. So strong man Nico to the rescue.

 Natalie found a fossil and Mrs. Chris shows her.

 I love this face. Yes, the water was cold, but that didn't stop them from going in.
 Too cold! Retreat!

 Nico shows me how to be a "mud man".

 Mud girl
 Natalie was intent for 15 minutes to roll this rock to the car to take it home. I texted her mom to ask if it was okay for her to bring it home :) Natalie was very disappointed:(
 the castle
 burring our friends

 Austin says "my turn" and lies down.

 They made a mermaid tail on him in the sand, at which he got up and chased them screaming, "The Zombie has come alive!"

 On your mark...
 Get set....
 GO! (Marlee and Nico- "Psych".)
 And they all fall down, only to get up and try it again.

 There was a nice nature trail beside the beach. We saw the first butterfly of Spring on the trail. Marlee and Nico tried to catch the small, fast, yellow butterfly.
 A very good day, with lots of sun and friends.
 The next day we went to the Frisco Commons park. We picked up some Chick Fa Le for a picnic and met my neighbor and friend Julie and her entourage up there. It was insanely crowded, but we enjoyed the weather and friends. We only stayed for a little over an hour. Bella invited another girl in her class Addy, whom she had played with at her house earlier in the day, to come with us. Afterward the girls went to Grandma Carols and got to spend the night.

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