Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Day of Me

After much complaining, my DH has given me the day off to do whatever I want. (Oh, and I'm also watching the kids for 4 days next week while he goes on a ski trip.) It felt so good this morning to sleep to when I possibly could (7:30) and be woken up with the sound of rain. Jer on the other hand got up with Victoria at 5:50 to watch Dragon Tails- that's when I turned the monitor off, so I couldn't hear Bella wake up. The rest of the day is mine. OK Just got back- Amazing, busy day all about me. Ahhh.Here's the rundown... woke up, coffee to myself, sang in the 15 minute shower, got on the computer with another cup coffee and organized and ordered photos from Walmart (something fun for me that I never have time to do anymore), went shopping at Tuesday Mornings- no real deals, shopped at Carters- got $50 of Victoria's clothes for next winter- shirts for $3, pants for$4, went to Walmart and got my pictures, hip nail polish, and highlights that I can't wait to put in, met my friend at PF Changs and got the best meal for $10- lettuce wraps, Wonton Soup, and a $2 shot glass full of 5 layer chocolate cake, went to JC Penny's and got 3 shirts for me in the junior section 'cause they were hip and fit me wonderful, got a message- ahhhh, went to go see Juno (Highly Reccomend!!!!), and went to go eat a steak dinner with the in-laws. Oh, I forgot, drving over to their house I saw a rainbow, the kind that stretches all the way across the sky. What a perfect day!

Friday, February 15, 2008


So much has happened this past month. I was just downloading my pics to the computer and realized I haven't posted in quite some time. Uncle Jeff came to visit sometime in January. We went to the zoo and to the park- it was one of those weeks that the weather was amazing. Victoria and I made his favorite peanut butter morsel in chocolate batter cookies. The batter was delicious, but the cookies themselves wouldn't come off the sheet. I wish Jeff lived closer; we had a lot of fun and the girls love him. This month I had a double ear infection and couldn't walk for 2 days. I now know what Bella goes through- Yuck. I've been doing a lot with my Christie E.S. friends (Chris and Patti and their kiddos) and my Fabulous Frisco Momsclub- parks and get togethers. We went to the Field Museum and saw a dinosaur exhibit- too fun. They had real-like dinosaurs spaced a half a block away from each other outside on a walking trail. They were of "Disney" quality and Bella wasn't quite sure what to think of them when they growled at her. Victoria on the otherhand was a different story, she kept running up to the next one with fasination. We had to tell her to stay with us; she was so exuberant. Victoria is so much like her Daddy in that respect. It has been a busy week of Valentines that never stop. Victoria loves writing them and giving them. Bella and she loved recieving chocolate! I've cleaned up more chocolate... Oh, and I've rearranged my house (reclaimed the quest bedroom and put the girls together, and moved all their toys into the computer/bookroom- it has made it much easier in cleanup) and painted a couple of rooms and the doors and borders. Well, I think that's pretty much the jest of this last month- busy and fun.

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