Monday, January 21, 2008

Go Away Mommy!

You know it's going to be of those days when your kid tells you to "Go Away!" I'm trying to break Victoria of this nasty little habit, but it seems that the more emphasis I put on not saying it, she says it even more. So I've decided to just ingore her, at least for today; I'll see how it goes. So we went to Target today for a quick jont. Anything but. It was one of those Super ones where the baby aisle is 1 block away from the food aisle, is one block away from the aisle that I need. I knew I had ten minutes once Bella was screaming and I had given her a lollipop. Victoria askes to go to the restroom. I find it; we go. I have to ask the Target employee for her to go to the backroom to see if they have anymore organizational bins- I bought 7 and needed 8- she finds it and we're in the home stretch- the checkout aisle. But low and behold, the lady forgets to ring up my coupons so I have to go to another aisle for a refund. I wait, Bella starts to scream. We finally make it out and I put Victoria into the car first and begin to put the groceries in. I slam the car truck and begin to put Bella into her seat. Victoria has made it into the front seat and is standing on my seat yelling, "I'm sorry Mommy!" I go around to the front and discover that she has peed on my seat. Joy. I strip her down and put her on top of an empty Target bag, place one under my butt too, and drive as fast as I can home with a screaming Bella in the background and a half naked Victoria saying "Go Away Mommy!" Gladly. Where to?

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Wise Cracker

I laughed so hard this morning. Victoria was getting into a bag that I told her not to several times. Finally I said, "Victoria go put the bag away now!" And she says, "No Mommy. Calm down. No be frustrated." It's amazing the things they pick up. And just now I heard her tell Bella, "Bella, we need to talk." That little phrase ought to come in handy down the road as she breaks a couple of hearts.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

New Years

Happy New Years!!! I actually stayed up to watch the ball drop in NY- did I mention it happened at 11, not 12- thank goodness for time zone changes. Earlier in the evening, we toasted with sparkling cider with Victoria and she loved it, although she spilled some. She kept raising her glass and toasting... to New Years, to Mommy, to Daddy, to Grandma, to Grandpa- too cute.

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