Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Random Summer Fun

So I finally finished a painting a picture. I started this painting last year for my neighbors Jay and Julie, then put it aside and forgot where I put it. Last week I told Jer I wanted to start painting again and to get the easel down from the attic- guess what he found. Two more days of working on it, and I was finally able to say I finished. Feels good. My next painting is going to be in the Monet style, reminiscent of his bridge paintings. I love his use of fun, fast brush stroke and beautiful blue colors.

Bella and Victoria were trying to get Goldie to "smile for the camera."

Blowing bubbles at Tuscany Meadows.

Victoria woke up on day really sad. She said she missed her teacher Ms. Karen. I suggested we draw her a picture and mail it to her with a card. Victoria choose to draw Ms Karin (the giant one in the middle wearing yellow) teaching the girls of her class (Brianna, Hayle, Lauren, and herself) how to dance and sing the Little Teacup song, hence her arms are so big and out by her side. Can you tell who Victoria is? (Check out Victoria's signature at the top- we've been practicing almost everyday.)

I got to watch Marlee one day, and Victoria and Bella taught her the fine game of Steam-Roller!

Stephen and Jessica came over with baby Stella one night. I turned them on to my favorite pizza of the moment- Papa Murphy's.

Bella's idea of the Mexican hat dance.

Victoria's first water balloon fight.

The kids plot against us.

Victoria teaches Bella to skate in the kitchen.

Blowing bubbles outside the house.

Bella levitates her beach ball at Glen Sheppard's Spray Park.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ballet Class II

Grandpa Joe and Grandma Mary came over last Wednesday to watch Victoria and Bella in ballet class. They enjoyed watching my two goof balls strut their stuff. Victoria is really paying attention to the teacher and is one of the tops at picking up moves. She's extremely graceful and mimics very well. Bella is the "gabber" of the class and I hear her name several times throughout class to stop talking and follow directions. She's pretty good when she puts her mind to it, but she's definitely in it to have fun- as she should.

Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July

This past weekend, we traveled to Pittsburg Texas to visit our Uncle Jerry and Aunt Barb at their lake house. While there, we visited with the family- Carol, Dick, Sally, Quinn, Dave, and Denise, and Paul and Yvonne (Jerry's neighbors). What fun we had! We ate tons of great food- steaks, BBQ, summer salads, and yummy desserts. We played in the sunshine- swimming, diving, fishing, boating, and (my favorite and Victoria's) jet sking. I even got to pull Jer in an inner tube behind the jet ski until he wiped out:) And of coarse, the amazing firework displays! Jer shot off some little fireworks in Jerry's backyard, then everyone loaded up into a boat and watched the giant fireworks from the lake. That was the way to do it- gentle breeze, giant fireworks overhead.

Jer and Victoria on a Jet Ski
Victoria and Bella goofing off at the dock.
Watching Daddy's fireworks.
Victoria with a Sparkler

Side note: my kids did have their first Joy Riding Experience. I was upstairs putting on my bathing suit and Jer had just finished spraying the girls with sunscreen. As he was rubbing sunscreen on his face, he heard the girls ask, "Daddy can we drive to the lake now?" He opened his eyes and realized that they were in the golf cart and had started driving it to the lake. Off he ran after them. Victoria managed to drive it 20 feet, swerving to avoid numerous trees and a shed, before running the left wheel into a tree and coming to a halt. The girls were not seriously hurt, other then Bella getting a bruised face. The golf cart was fixed by Jerry and the guys after a half an hour. All's okay. I sure hope that this is there last joyriding experience!

Bella's Artwork

The other morning, all was quiet, so I went to investigate. In our guest bedroom, I have an erasable marker board, where Bella had been standing in front of it for an apparently long time drawing. She called her piece Monster's in Jail. Very creative. I was very impressed. I had only taught her to draw circles a month ago. Now she can draw the circle face, the eyes and mouth, and even the feet and hands- my fast learner. (I like to think she has some of my artistic talents in her- who knows:)

This last month something has clicked within Bella and she is "coming into her own". But along with the creativity and her increased word power, comes the wonderful fit throwing and increased Time Outs- mainly for hitting and for using bad words (my favorite- poo poo head). Sometimes I just need a Time Out! I did end up taking one last Thursday night- shopping, reading a book and drinking a Hefeweisen, and gabbing with my good friend Chris- did wonders for me the next morning. I even came home that night and snuck into the girls bedroom and gave them a quiet kiss as they slept. Ahhh.... I love them so much.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

What have we been up to?

Making Yummy Brownies!
Swim Lessons for 2 weeks.
Bella was born to be a fish. She loved jumping to Mommy every chance she got and would swim to the side blowing bubbles. Victoria was more cautious. She didn't want to get her face wet. We had our good days and our bad, but in the end she finally became more self confident in the water.
Ballet Class!
The girls are taking 6 weeks of tap and ballet classes again this summer. Grandma Carol came to watch them on their first lesson. Victoria is graceful and was the only one that attempted the running jump. Bella follows directions really well, but is still on the young side. She sure is cute to watch though.

Make-up Parties
My girls love to get dressed up and put make-up on. I have a special pink make-up kit that they get to use when they've had a really good day.

I love my girls!

Build A Bear

Lake Ray Roberts

Memorial Weekend 2009

Brothers Visit

Christmas '08

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