Sunday, April 8, 2012


On Easter morning we slept in late by accident. We awoke at 7:30 and hurried to get ready for 8:30 mass- we were hoping to get there by 8, since we knew it would be packed. I didn't get to see the girls get into their Easter baskets, as I was getting ready. But they got some good things from the Easter bunny, including these two cute cupcake dolls that transform from cupcake to girl when you pop the bottom of their wrappers and water bottles with their names on them. The Easter bunny was also watching out for the adults by not bringing too much candy this year, but they did each get a chocolate bunny, that they had already demolished before the end of the day :)  We did end up getting a seat in the nose bleed section for mass at 8:15. I was so glad. I love Easter mass- it always makes me kind of weepy (in a good way). Thank You God!

We celebrated Easter with Carol and Dick at their house. Carol got the kids activity books and some neat ring/lip glosses. We took some Easter pictures in their backyard.

Then we had a yummy lunch (salmon/steak, Parmesan asparagus, corn on the cob, fresh salad & fruit). We girls enjoyed the Sparkling Cider and all the chocolate we nibbled at beforehand and afterwards too. Sugarhigh!!!
After lunch the adults played a card game. (The women won!) The girls started to get restless and Victoria decided that she didn't want to share her book and Bella had a meltdown. The sugarhigh came crashing down.
Everyone showed me their mad face.
Happy Easter!

Easter Egg Hunt and Easter Eggs

On Good Friday, we met Jay, Julie, and Braelyn at Buca de Beppo for dinner. Later that night they came over to our house and we had an Easter egg hunt with the kids. All the adults hid about 50 plus eggs throughout our backyard. We had some good spots too- like the one on the hummingbird feeder, but toward the end of the hiding we started to get sloppy, and just hide them anywhere (just to get rid of them)- we must have had about 10 on the trampoline. It was such hard work, we rewarded ourselves with an adult beverage and let the kids watch a cartoon. We called the kids and they raced out of the house. The first egg that Braelyn found was under the grill. She pulled it out and declared- this egg is yucky! All the adults looked at each other (hugh?), then the egg. A slug was crawling on it! The kids took about 15 minutes to find all the eggs and had a blast. The adults had a blast hiding them and just relaxing.
Later we dyed hard boiled eggs.
The kids show their favorite egg.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Cousins and Bluebonnets

The Colorado clan came to visit us for their Spring Break. We were able to see them for a whole week. The girls spent the night with us for two nights and because it was so beautiful outside we got to wear our bathing suits and get wet.
I gave the girls each a water balloon. They pretended like they were their babies and made a game out of who could keep theirs alive the longest. Chloe won, but we all laughed when Victoria was just sitting in a chair and out of the blue the balloon exploded, soaking her. Bella and Keira dropped theirs pretty fast.
Pizza, then a movie- what fun! And in the morning we put on makeup and played hard. We also got to celebrate Keira's birthday on Friday, see Bella score a goal in soccer on Saturday, and go to Randy Whites BBQ for our last meal before saying goodbye. We'll miss you, but definitely want to come see you soon.
It was a slightly overcast day (perfect for pictures) and I've been hearing about how amazing the Bluebonnets are right now, so... Words can not do justice to how beautiful the Bluebonnets are this year, so please if you have a chance go see them. These were taken at Zion Cemetery in Little Elm. But I might have to do some more exploring for different types of flowers. I love Indian Paintbrushes and have heard that beside the JCPenny Headquarters on Legacy is a gorgeous field of wildflowers. 

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