Tuesday, October 15, 2013


 We met Josh, Renae, Caleb, Chloe, and Keira at Disney for a short fun 3 day vacation. Here we are in front of the Tree of Life in Animal Kingdom.
 The weather was wonderful and in the 80s the whole time without any rain. We still got hot, but found ways of cooling off.

 The cousins loved spending time with each other. I don't think they stopped talking the entire time, well maybe to pose for some pictures.

 The kids were all in consensus that their favorite ride in Animal Kingdom was the Yeti roller-coaster that sends you up a giant mountain, then backwards down that giant mountain in a dark cave where you get to catch a glimpse of a Yeti destroying your track. (Other favorite rides were Space Mountain and Splash Mountain- I think we are finally at the age were they like rollercoasters.)

 Waiting to go on the water ride. A dry version of Renae and Keira, who were the unlucky two that got the most drenched.
 Bella and Chloe repeatedly played a hand game that they made up called Best Friends Forever; Best Cousins Forever.

 It was a great day for an African Safari ride- the animals were all out.
 Meeting the Disney characters.

 Caleb led the crew on a secret mission into Mexico with the help of his spy phone that was geared into the characters from Phineas and Ferb.
 Every day we walked more then 20,000 steps (I know because I wore my pedometer.) The kids were troopers, but toward supper time you could see the effects. I tried to catch a picture of the girls collapsing in on each other as we were waiting for a table in Morocco.

 Renae's Florida family came to see us one night in Epcot.
 The view from our hotel room overlooked the swimming pool which Victoria kept wanting to go to.
 We arrived when the Magic Kingdom first opened one morning and were treated to all the characters getting off the train and performing a show that ended with smoke streams.

 Josh and Jer were psyched to wait in line with the girls to see the Fairies.
 Tinkerbelle taught the girls to do the Flamingo. As we were exiting the Fairies attraction, Victoria remarked, "Boy that Tinkerbelle sure was loud!" She was an interesting character to say the least- the little girl in front of Victoria told her that she lost her tooth and Tinkerbelle got down on the floor and tried to look for it.

 Enjoying some Disney treats.

 We decided to spend a couple of hours of just us family time. Victoria was not happy with that (and so begins the teenage years of My Parents Aren't Cool Enough), she kept wanting to see her cousins and refused to smile. So we took her to a store in Epcot were you can sample a couple of different sodas from around the world. We made her try the yucky one :)
 That perked her right up and she even hugged Bella.
 Norwegian faces.
 After a lunch in Epcot from the Food and Wine Festival from Around the World, we went for a swim. (We tried Hawaiian Pulled Pork Sliders, Salmon from Scotland, Buttered Escargot in Doughy Prestel Bites from France, Belgium waffles with drizzled chocolate sauce, Lobster Bisque, and many different delicious drinks.)

 Victoria snuck up on Daddy and Bella as they were waiting inline to go down the water slide.
 Dinner in Germany
 They had amazing Mushroom soup, Brats, sweat red cabbage, and sauerkraut.
 The kids enjoyed dancing to the German band.
It was a wonderful time and in the words of my daughter Bella, " I don't like Disney. I LOVE Disney!"

Monday, October 7, 2013

Bella's Spa Sleepover and Mommy Victoria

 As part of Bella's birthday present, we had a Spa Sleepover on Saturday night. We invited 5 girls(two were sets of sisters) to come eat pizza and brownies, spa ourselves up with a face mask and foot rub, and watch the movie Epic. The girls had a great time!
These girls were all so mannerly and accepting of each other despite the two year ages of some of them. At the table they wanted to find out each others likes and dislikes and one would shout out, "Whoever likes pizza raise their hands." I was surprised how many kids like Brussels sprouts.
 Jer took pictures of the girls "Spa-ing" themselves as I made Brownies. Apparently I left out a bag of cotton balls and they thought it was part of the process :)
 The gang in their sleeping bags getting ready for the movie.
 But first let's get rid of our jitters...
 Jer introduces the Strobe light and the girls went wild in slow motion. It was hysterical.

 The next morning...

 What a fun time we had! I only got 5 hours of sleep, but it was so worth it.
 Victoria has started to really get into playing dolls and being a Mommy. She has been taking care of her dolls with dressing them, taking them for a walk, and when she leaves the room, she asks me to watch them.
 She called Grandma Carol up and made an appointment for her to come pick up the kids when we go on vacation. She even made a schedule for her to follow. (Carol- Apparently the dog is coming to stay with you too. Looks like you'll be busy.)

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