Sunday, January 22, 2012

Victoria rides a bike and other stuff

Victoria and Bella were playing dress up one day. I heard Victoria say, "Bella, did you know that you are my BFF (best friend forever) and I'll let you wear my white high heel shoes if you want to." Victoria dressed Bella up in her Sunday clothes and took pictures of her. These were the best.

Love Heart, the bear
Bella's "class pet" came to stay with us last weekend. His name is Love Heart. We were given a class journal where we were to record all of the things that Love Heart and his "weekend family" got to do together. We took many pictures and wrote of all the fun places that we went and things we did- library, Dunkin Donuts, park, trampoline, dancing around the house, reading books together. I actually took this picture without realizing what Bella was using as her pillow.

The next weekend we taught Victoria how to ride a bike with just two wheels.
We started on a hill at the Frisco Commons park and first let her get use to just gliding down and balancing.
Bella got to watch, since we had our first trampoline injury the night before, a sprained ankle. She's doing fine now (2 days later.) After an hour of just balancing the bike, we took a break and went to the playground. Victoria ran everywhere; Bella played on the swings.
Next Jer showed her how to petal the bike. Victoria mastered bike riding in under two hours- I'm very impressed. She is officially a two wheeled rider now. Getting her to stop may be a problem though.

Independence- a room of my own
After Christmas, Victoria started asking for her own room, since she saw that her cousins each had their own. We made the old playroom into Victoria's room and moved some stuff around. It has been great for the most part. It has really taught the girls about cleaning and taking care of their own things. Victoria now gets ready in the morning all by herself with an alarm clock and makes her own bed. (I still do her hair though.) Bella likes her room too. She too does a great job of making her own bed. The only down side of this independence has been the very occasional door slam. Ah, independence...

Our pets.
We also got a new fish tank this weekend with six fish- already minus one. This is the only type of pet I'm allowing at this time. Both girls and Jeremy have been begging for a dog, maybe a cat, but I'm just not ready at this time, (I know who's pet it will really be) so...

Sunday, January 8, 2012

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