Wednesday, June 25, 2008


So I've been a bum. I've forgot my camera the last two days and Chris has been taking all the pictures- she has done an amazing job. We've really lucked out this week with fun things. We got free tickets to the Rough Riders and Patti, Grayson, Chris, Marlee, Nico, Victoria, Bella, and I all got to go for free- we spent most of the time in the free restaurants eating great cookies since it was so hot outside, but it was so much fun. Grayson even got a signed ball from a player- little flirt. Then yesterday, we went to the Animal House for our last visit- they're closing this week. We had so much fun going down the big slides, playing in the jump houses, building the great pyramids out of foam blocks, and riding in little cars. We're going to really miss this place. Talk about wearing your kids out. Oh, and I'm also a bum because I forgot, well we forgot, our anniversary- our tenth anniversary. My parents are watching the girls while we go out 8 days after and celebrate. Ah, the many effects of having parent brain. Gotta love being a bum!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day

When we woke up this morning, Victoria and Bella helped make our Dads Father's Day cards. Then as Jer was taking a shower, Victoria wrapped Jer's gift in her blanket and I tied a ribbon on it. When he finished getting ready and came out of our room, Victoria and Bella yelled Happy Father's Day and gave him the card and present. We got him a T shirt with all the super heros on it. Jer put it on under his dress shirt and wore it to church. Victoria was so proud of herself for picking out the shirt and knowing that dad liked it. We went to church with my dad and then out to Mexican food for lunch. I gave him a safari hat and the girls gave him their card. After naps we headed out to Dick and Carol's house and celebrated Father's Day again with fajitas and cake. We gave Grandpa Dick a puzzle with all the grandkids on it and card. We came home early and after putting the kids to bed watched a really funny movie called Knocked Up.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I'm so blessed. I was driving home from a friend's house yesterday and just started to cry tears of happiness. I have an awesome husband, great kids, wonderful friends, and a life to sustain it. Thanks God! My bookclub had a sumber party this weekend. First we went to Fireside Pies (delish) then over to Patti's for some chillin'. We tie-dyed nightshirts and chatted until the wee hours. So much fun. I love friends- they make me strive to be a better person. I came home feeling so refreshed. Saturday, we took the kids out for sushi and then to Toys R Us to ride their bikes and look at toys- both of them where stuck in the doll section for most of the time. Sunday was church and the the Frisco Athletic Center. They've opened their outdoor swim area- awesome! The kid section has slides, squirt guns, tons of sprinklers and things that shoot water. But Jer and I's favorite part was the lazy river with inner tubes. It also has giant water slides and an enormous pool to swim, but both my kids are just warming up to the idea of getting into water deeper than they are.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Speak Spanish

Victoria, Bella, and I had a "picnic" outside for our snack today. We were practicing using our manners. Victoria held the Scooby Do Snackbox and when someone would ask for "more please", then she would pass one out to them. Victoria turns to me and says. How do you say "more please" in Spanish? I say- "mas por favor" (I'm pretty sure?) After a couple of times practicing speaking this new phrase, Bella comes up to Victoria and says "more please". Victoria tells Bella, "No, say it in Spanish." Bella says "Spanish." Victoria hands her a cookie. Boy, it sure is easy speaking Spanish, if only I knew that in high school, I could have gotten straight A's.

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