Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Great Day

What a busy, productive, fun day! We went to Target first- Cindy got a new bike! (I can't wait to start riding with the kids.) We went to the library and checked out a bazillion good books. Then came home and had our friends over- Austin and Campbell. We did a Scavenger Hunt with pop rings as the treasure. We painted Easter eggs on coffee tissue paper (an idea I got from Pinterest.) And we bounced on the trampoline a lot!!!
When Jer came home, I went to Zumba. When I came home, the girls were still bouncing on the trampoline! I had a glass of wine and enjoyed the evening.! I love Spring Break!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Galveston for Spring Break

We decided to take a beach vacation this Spring Break- Galveston and New Orleans. We took off after the kids got out of school on Friday and drove in the direction of Galveston. Our first pee stop was an hour outside of Frisco at a Sonic. The next day we went to the Moody Gardens. It was four  giant pyramids that contained small museums. I liked the Aquarium one best, because it had some neat playful penguins in it. The others were okay- the 3D and 4D movie theater pyramid, the rain forest one, and the human body one- with real cadavers (yuck).
We saw a 3D version of the Wizard of Oz. It was pretty fun, up until they melted the witch and we got sprayed with cold water.
It rained most of the time we were in Galveston, so the kids invented their own ride and played it on the back patio of the condo- the "Merry-Go-Basket". You could really get some good spin on the upside down table if you put some arm muscle into it!
We did get about 2 hours of sunshine on the third day, so we ventured to the beach.
Afterward we went to the pool and washed the sand off.
playing shark!
We actually never made it to New Orleans. I got a stomach bug and we were tired of the rain, so we decided to come home early. I'm not a big fan of the Houston area- the beaches aren't as pretty as other places in Texas, but it was a good vacation for the kids, when the sun was out.

February misc. pics

Victoria led her school at the Friday Morning Live assembly in saying the Texas pledge. We practiced the week beforehand and she spoke loudly and confidently. She did awesome!
Bella and I did some shopping one day and rode one of the rides at Allentown Outlet.
Victoria did one more group cookie sale booth- this time at the Mooyan Burger. We didn't do quite as well this time- only sold 7 boxes in one hour, but had fun waving at the cars and singing songs. (Last time at Gattitown we sold 27 boxes!)

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