Monday, May 20, 2013

Victoria's 8th

Victoria's actual birthday was on Thursday. We went out to dinner at a restaurant that she choose- Buca de Beppo (like father, like daughter.) She was really tired from a hard week of wrapping things up for the end of school and testing, so she was in a very tired mood.

 The wait staff brought out a candle and sang her a birthday song.
 The grandparents gave the girls fashion glasses and accessories. Victoria loved the mood bracelet and wore it to school the next day.

 On Sunday we celebrated Victoria's birthday with her friends. They came over and painted cupcake piggy banks.
 Campbell, Sierra, Meagan
 Laila, Kayla, Bentley
 Victoria, Marlee, Bella (Nico came later)
 Abby, Kate, Braelyn
 We played some fun outdoor games, like Red Rover. I felt bad when at one time all the little girls- Braelyn, Marlee, and Bella where in a line looking at the strong man alliance of all the older girls, luckily Jer stepped in and helped them out. I was really surprised by the strength of these kids- I actually was "caught" by them and had to remain on their team, and it wasn't for lack of trying. We also played the ever popular Duck, Duck, Goose, then moved onto the piƱata!

 Victoria isn't crazy about eating cupcakes, so see wanted rice Krispy treats. I found a neat recipe on Pinterest to make them look like paintbrushes using colored icing and popsicle sticks.

 I think the grandparents had a good time too.
 The night before Victoria's party, I asked Jer to blow up a pack of balloons to use as decorations for her party. Dick and him ended blowing up 4 packs of balloons! So we decided to dump them off the second floor balcony and let the kids go wild!
 The kids played keep-the-balloon-in-the-air-for-as-long-as-you-can.

 Then decided to gather up as many balloons as possible in their hands and haul them up to the balcony to throw them down to the others. When they grew tired of this, Meagan decided to pop the balloon; quickly every one else joined her and lucky for me there was very little clean up. I only hope none of the girls have loss of hearing from the sound of all those balloons popping.

 What party isn't complete with a water gun fight!
 Success- birthday girl's happy and drenched.
 A couple of the kids decided that they weren't wet enough and started to dunk their heads in the bucket of water. Bella!

Happy Eighth Birthday Victoria!

Victoria's First Communion

Victoria made her First Communion this Saturday at St. Francis church. She looked so precious in her white dress. I'm sure it will be a long time before she wears another one like it ;)

 My parents came in for the celebration.

 We waited an hour plus before the mass began just to get seats. As we were waiting the classes took class pictures with our priests Father Zach and Father Larry. There was 8 classes for the ceremony with all of their families- something like 150 kids! Bella got tired of all the waiting and decided to take a cat nap on Grandmas lap.

 Victoria's best friend Kate also did her First Communion at the same time. They are standing behind a drawing of what our new church will look like once its completed sometime this Fall.
 We had a small celebration afterward with the Grandparents and God Parents Gary and Deb. We even toasted Victoria's faith with some apple cider and wine, then had a Cookies and Cream ice cream cake Victoria picked out.
 Funny story- the night before her ceremony, I asked Victoria if she wanted to try the Blood of Christ. She asked what it tasted like, so I gave her a sip of sweat red wine. She immediately spit it out, and said, "No way!" I am so glad we did this beforehand, can you imagine her doing that in church.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Dick's Birthday

 We celebrated Dick's 70th birthday on Saturday. Jer lured him over to the house under a false guise of the girls losing another ring in our backyard and told him to bring his metal detector. Then we set him to work. Jer had hidden a metal coin/gift certificate to the restaurant Three Forks in our backyard. Dick was able to find it and I think he was surprised.

 We were also looking for my ring that the girls did lose in the back yard or so they think over a year ago. We actually did find a wedding ring, but it was a guys one!?! I wonder how it got there and who's it is?
We went out to eat at Lubes Quaker State, a hamburger joint. The girls got balloon animals and Dick got a magic hat to commemorate his 70th :) Afterward we had cake at home and played a card game when the girls went to bed.
Happy 70th Dick!

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