Sunday, February 28, 2010

Fast Weekend

This weekend was a very fast weekend. We went to Irish Rover on Friday for an early dinner with the girls and Eric (Jer's friend from work)- they have fabulous meals and appitizers- chicken nachos rock! On Saurday, I took Victoria to her friend Brianna's fun birthday party at Build A Bear. She even got to dance to her favorite song Patoutie Ta- ask Victoria to demonstrate next time you see her. Later that night my parents came over and Jer and I had a date night. We went to Bonnie Ruth's- the Tomato Basil Soup and Lamb are amazing! We tried to go bowling, but there was a two and a half hour wait. We tried to get into a place Jer has wanted to go for a very long time- a pub called The Holy Grail, but it was standing room only. It appears that Frisco is a pretty happening place. We finally walked around the Shops of Legacy and found a German pub and had a good beer. On Sunday, we went to church, then traveled to Fort Worth's Children's Museum to meet up with Kate and Abby- what a neat place! The kids had fun making paper helicopters and watching them fly in a wind tunnel, inserting objects into a turntable of sand, playing with a marble sound pinball machine, playing in the make believe rooms of a grocery store and a hospital, seeing the dinosaurs, going on a 3D movie ride about fossils, seeing a Planetarium show and a cattle show, playing outside with an interactive water exhibit and large building blocks to make a house, just to name a few. We went to the Cowgirl Museum afterward. It was small, but neat. I really enjoyed their exhibit of the story and paintings by Georgia O'Keefe- cool colors. A fast, fun weekend!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Why I Love Girls

The girls have played so nicely together today. They love to play dress up; I love to watch them play dress up. Victoria was a princess who teaches her fellow princess to waltz. Victoria- "Place your hand right here. Now place both hands together, now dance in a circle." Too cute!

Sisterly love.

Victoria changes, now tells me that she is doing an Indian Princess Dance.

Bella changes yet again into her favorite color- pink.

Valentine's Day Festivities

Victoria and Bella's school parties were suppose to be on Friday, but due to a snow day and a Monday holiday, they were postponed until Wednesday. But -funny thing- we celebrated Valentine's Day Friday through Wednesday. I felt like my house exploded in hearts and cards and candy. Unfortunately, on Valentine's Day (Sunday) Jer caught a sudden cold, so we confined him to his room and watched movies and ordered Pei Wei. For Victoria's party, I was room mom. We decorated heart cookies, played Valentine Bingo, and read some Valentine books.

Victoria and her teacher Mrs. Lewis

For Bella's party, they made Valentine boxes and decorated cookies too.

Bella liked the icing best.

More Historic Snow Pictures

These pictures were taken from my front porch and the window in our living room. Amazing!

The hill in the background is the one we went sliding down. And look a new snowman.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Lots of Snow!

On Wednesday night the snow started coming down and it didn't stop until Friday morning. DFW airport got 12 inches. Frisco got somewhere between 6 to 8 inches (-a historic event for us.) They cancelled schools and all the kids and adults got a chance to play. It was so much fun and so beautiful! We've done all the winter wonderland things- snowball fights, building snowmen, snow angels, and (the most fun) sledding! We sipped hot chocolate, while watching the snow. We made some delicious chili and watched Barbie videos under warm blankets.

Bella kept taking a bite out of Victoria's snowman. Victoria was not happy.

On Day 2, we took our neighbors Julie and Braelyn sledding with us. Bella was not as impressed this day. She kept saying she wanted to go inside- too cold.

We went sledding on the hill behind our house. We used our Mr. Turtle Sandbox lid as the sled. The cardboard I brought didn't work as well. Our neighbors had a blow up inner tube that worked the best.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Best Date Ever!

On Saturday, Jeremy took Victoria to Frisco's Daddy-Daughter Dance, and I took Bella to go see a high school production of Disney's Beauty and the Beast. The girls had so much fun getting ready. We took a shower (something new for them), put on fancy smelling lotion, blow dried our hair, put make-up on (natural colored lipstick, blush, and eye shadow), and painted our fingernails in a pretty pink. We put on our gorgeous dresses, posed for some pictures, then went out as a family to eat an early dinner at Buca de Beppo. Afterward, Jer gave Victoria a corsage with small red roses and whisked her off in her chariot (minivan) to go meet Kate (her best friend) and Dan at the dance. I'm told they had a great time. They ate cookies and danced the entire time with the theme of Alice in Wonderland in the background. Victoria said her favorite song was Hippie, Hippie, Shake. Before I took Bella to the musical, we stopped at the gas station to buy her favorite treat- chocolate M&Ms. The play was amazing! I was blown away by these high school kids and what they could accomplish- it was 10 times better than our high school plays when I was a kid- great costumes, choreography, and singing. It was long though. Bella fell asleep in my arms 50 minutes into it. After a half an hour of sleeping, they had intermission. I asked Bella if she wanted to go home and sleep, or if she wanted to go the restroom, eat M&Ms, and watch the rest of the show. Bella said, "I want to see Beauty and the Beast!" I bought a light up rose for her during intermission. Toward the end of the show, when the Beast dies, the audience turns on our roses and gives him some magic to wake him up as a Prince. Bella had the time of her life with swinging the lighted rose around to produce the magic. After the show, she asked, "Can we watch this again, Mom?" I know she had a great time, as did I. We came home about 10:30 and went to bed. A great date!

Victoria loves her best friend Kate.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Gray Hairs

Bella is gonna be the death of me. This child is soooooo independent and stubborn, not to mention she has an energizer battery switched to the permanently on switch. I can not count the number of times she has been in time out this week. Yesterday alone, she sat on the TO bench 11 times for pulling her sister's hair, throwing food, and completely misbehaving. Twice I gave her a spanking, once for putting scissors in her mouth, and the other time chewing on a stapler with staples in her mouth! (My friend Chris asked if she was practicing for joining the circus to chew on nails.) I've tried time outs, taking away her toys, taking away TV watching priveledges, rewarding her with stickers and the such, and just plain ignoring her bad behaviors. Nothing has been working successfully. Oh, not to mention she got in trouble with the ballet teacher twice for goofing off by playing with to her neighbor and kicking her paper spot on the floor (to send it flying to the front of the class right in front of the teacher.) Oh Bella! And to top it off, she has been the most clingy kid ever- not wanting to go to school or eat or take a bath or go to bed without me. I remember Victoria going through something like this, but never to this extent. I know this is a phase; I pray this is a phase, but I can not wait for it to be over. BTW she does crack me up super hard! Yesterday morning, as I was checking my emails, a little head pops up through my typing hands and says, "Hello Mom!" She was wearing my circa 1980 glasses from High School- the big rim red ones- only for the "cool" kids. (Jer found them in my old car as my backup glasses and brought them inside and left them on the counter. ) I dyed laughing. She is just so precious... and exhausting.

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