Saturday, September 29, 2012

Goofy Girls

After soccer practice today, the girls decided to have a Spa Day. Victoria made a bath for Bella and afterward pampered her with perfume and such. Then they made their own lunches- P&J sandwiches, peeled oranges, spinach and carrots, and my new all time favorite Skinny Cow candy bars. They asked me to put some music on, so we were all jamming out to They Might Be Giants.

Date Night

Jer and I were blessed to go out this past Friday for a date. I love dressing up and feeling pretty and not cooking. We went to the Frisco restaurant One 2 One. It was good; I had the salmon. Afterward we came home and played a mean game of cards with Carol and Dick; the girls won ;)

Cherry Bombs

Bella is enjoying, for the most part, her Fall soccer ball experience with her team the Cherry Bombs. She threw us for a loop today when she told us that she didn't want to go, but I think that was more because she was upset she had to miss out on her Saturday morning cartoons and go play in the rain. Here are a couple of pictures from some different games.
She is still running on her toes, albeit faster.
"Eye of the Tiger!"
Victoria enjoys practicing her gymnastics while Bella's playing.
After the game, the coach asked who was the quickest player... who got a goal... who was lost in space... Bella got a group tickle for that one :)
I really thought the game would be cancelled today because of the rain. Since it wasn't I brought my camera expecting some cute muddy pictures, but it really wasn't too bad. Victoria loves her new Bee umbrella.
I love how she runs half of the time with her little tongue sticking out- concentration.
Bella and Kate are practicing their "Defense" by blocking. Seconds before I snapped this picture Bella had slapped Kate's hand down with her own and Kate retaliated. Goof balls!
I caught Bella playing in the mud- check out her hands.
You really can't see the dirt too well on her face, but it's there, along with the rain that is coating her hair.
At the end of the game it is a tradition for the parents to line up and form a mini pyramid with their one hand while high fiving the girls with the other hand, as the run through the it.
She might say she doesn't want to go to soccer, but these pictures prove otherwise. So the drama begins.

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