Thursday, December 27, 2007


What a blur of days jumbled together of intoxicating fun! Started on Sunday, when we meet Dave and Denise at Buca de Peppo (Yum!), then came over here for more fun. Monday we meet Josh and Renae for a Baptist Christmas mass- they sing more then Catholists do- I enjoyed the holiday songs. Afterward we went to Carol and Dick's for the best potato soup ever and opened presents. More fun! Santa must have stayed up late trying to put together the kids big presents- kitchen and roller coaster- a 13 foot long small foot and a half hill with pushcart. Victoria woke us up at her usual time of 6:30; I think she forgot it was Christmas. Both girls loved the roller coaster and have learned (and keep learning) the lesson of sharing. The kitchen gets played with quite a bit too- Victoria's muffins are scrumptious. On Christmas we went to Carol and Dick's again and had turkey and exchanged gifts with the cousins. Six kids in a house sure do make a lot of noise. And to think next year after Renae's hospital visit it will be seven- ah, lucky 7. Wednesday I stayed home and organized where I was going to put all the loot. Today, Thursday, we went to the bounce house with all the cousins. All in all, what a fun Christmas! Hope yours was too.

Monday, December 17, 2007

O is for...

Victoria is becoming increasingly more curious about the letters in the alphabet. Last night she was having a hard time going to bed. She kept waking up and coming to our room and saying, "I need to go pee." So I would sit with her for a couple of minutes, while she sat on the potty and did go pee. As we were sitting there, she looked at my Tshirt that says Padre Island on it in big bold letters. She kept saying- what letter is that?; what is it for? She knew the A and that it was for Apple. This morning she found a twisty tie on the floor in the kitchen. She made it into the letter V and said, "V is for Victoria." I was very excited. I took the twisty and formed the letter O. I said, "What letter is this?" She shrugged. I said, "This is the letter O, O is for..." I stalled for a second, thinking maybe I should say oyster or ostrich. Then she chimes in... "O is for Obama." My little girl is so political. Maybe we have been watching too much TV.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Sugar cookies

Tonight we decorated sugar cookies. Jer got a wild hair and so after a late super he decides he wants something sweat. He gets out the bowls and cookie sheets and ingredients, then turns to me... okay I made the icing. The girls were hilarious, every time Jer would turn his back, Victoria and Bella would pick at the dough. I didn't say anything, just recorded it on camera and laughed. Bella was coated with flour and when Daddy had had enough of Victoria's questioning and grabbing, I gave her a job of mixing the coloring into the icing. She was fascinated by the cool colors. When the cookies were in the oven, Jer bathed the girls while I cleaned up the kitchen- ah, the fun of cookie making. I put Bella to bed while Jer and Victoria put icing on the cookies. When I came out of Bella's room, I see Victoria spinning round and round- sugar rush and Jer with a frown on his face. What's wrong, I ask. I just didn't think it would take this much time to frost these cookies. I help and we finish. All in all, I have the pictures to prove it was a good night.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007


I've always had great pictures with Santa except for this year- Victoria is beaming a beautiful smile (although her hair has a giant V part down the side) while Bella is in the full blown scream of Bloody Murder. I went to Stonebriar Mall and waited about 20 minutes in line. I kept the kids in the stroller with a neat snack for about 15 minutes, before they got restless and I had to put them down. They were actually really good, and Bella was waving to Santa nonstop, until I put her on his lap and took a step away. Victoria told Santa that she loves him and wants a Kitchen and Dollie for Christmas.

Speaking of pictures, today has been a tough day. I've been trying to get a Christmas photo of the girls together to sent to everyone with their Christmas cards. It's been slow going. Bella has been in a fussy mood and has been in 2 different outfits- because of a lunchtime disaster. Victoria has been in 3 different outfits because of many poop distasters- don't get me started. I finally got a decent one- it's of Bella wearing a Santa hat seconds before Victoria tears it off her head. Merry Christmas everyone! I hope people will understand if I don't send the "Dear Freinds and Family Letter" this year; I'm just exhausted.

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