Thursday, August 15, 2013

Camp Idol

The girls had Camp Idol this week, where they helped to put on a production of a play based on the TV show American Idol. Bella was a contestant that sang the song Party In the USA. She was a bit nervous, but did an amazing job- she has a beautiful voice. Victoria chose not to sing and instead was a tough acting security guard for the show; she helped adjust the microphone stand for the contestants and escorted them off stage. Very proud of both my girls.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Alburquerque, Grand Canyon & Las Vegas Road Trip

We took a road trip this summer to visit my family in Albuquerque, see the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas, among other numerous fun things. Our first stop was Palo Duro Canyon for horseback riding. It was unseasonably cool- thank goodness! This was my first horse back riding tour ever. It was so much fun, but I was so sore just from the one hour ride. The girls enjoyed it too, Victoria more so, as she kept petting and talking to her horse Deets. It was kind of funny to see how they matched up all the horses with our personalities. Deets was a beautiful white prissy horse; Bella's horse Festivus was a leader and stuck right beside the instructor the whole time; Jer's horse kept eating grass the whole time, and mine Domino had its head in the clouds and wanted to do its own thing, like walking backwards at times or taking the really muddy route or letting three horses cut in front of himself because he'd rather take a break.

The view at Palo Duro Canyon

Playing with the family in Albuquerque. *Respecting my sister-in-law and brother's wish, I will not be posting any pictures of my adorable new niece, but have to tell you that she is so beautiful and it was wonderful to hold her every second we got. 

Minigolf. Baby hazard!

Pictures in my parents backyard after church.

The Grand Canyon during a lighting storm was a memorable time.

At the Grand Canyon, they had a Junior Ranger program where each kid was given a book to complete about the canyon. Once they finished it, helped the park by picked up some litter, and went on an official Ranger lead tour (ours was about the types of fossils at the Grand Canyon), then they were sworn in as Junior Rangers, recited a pledge, and were given a badge. 

finding fossils

We hiked down the Canyon about 2 miles, before the kids started to complain.

Hoover Dam

It was over 100 degrees and the girls were so hot that after drinking some water from a fountain, they put it into their hair.

We also went to Las Vegas and stayed at a very cheesy hotel called Circus Circus. The kids loved it! They had a different circus act performance every 30 minutes, rides, and a Midway, where they won a stuffed animal snake that they named Lizzie from hitting a plastic chicken into a spinning pot of water (with Daddy's help).

Victoria was ecstatic to see the Eiffel Tower at Paris hotel on the Vegas strip. She has been so into seeing this since she did a report on Paris for her Girl Scout troop. I figure this was cheaper then flying her halfway across the world.
The next night in Las Vegas, we stayed at the Mandalay Bay hotel in a nice suite. The girls enjoyed swimming in their giant wave pool and Lazy River.

We also visited the Winslow Crater. Amazing!

Playing house at Grandma's.
Giving Peter a birthday kiss.
We celebrated Peter's first birthday the last day in Albuquerque.

Peter liked being fed the sugary icing from the cupcake, but as with most first birthdays, he was starting to get tuckered out and fussy.
Around 1ish we took off after Peter's birthday for a suppose to be 10ish hour car ride home, however, our car broke down in Wichita Falls at a closed gas station. Luckily the nice tow truck driver drove Jer to a 24 hour Walmart where he bought a new battery and replaced it. And viola- we made it home at 3am. (Every good vacation needs some drama :)

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