Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Carol and Dick came over for Christmas Eve. We put together a puzzle and played a card game. Carol lost a sequin from her shirt in our couch cushions. As we were looking for it, Victoria shouted "Mouse!" It turned out to be a fake mouse. Thank goodness- we've had a rat in our attic this past month. 
Carol got her yearly photo album from Renae and I. I think she liked it.
Bella and Victoria really enjoyed their gift from Carol and Dick- a doll, jeep, and tent.
On Christmas Santa was very good to the girls. They both got what they asked for- Bella wanted a Lalaloopsy doll and Victoria wanted a Voodoo Furby (apparently it was the most asked for Furby, so I'm told.) 
Victoria was very happy to get a Monster High design-your-own-doll maker.
The girls had a wonderful Christmas and played for two hours before church. Apparently 10 church service is the mass to go to- no long wait and you can actually get seats. I hope we'll remember this for next year.
Carol and Dick came over after church and we played with our toys. Dick and Jer played Table Tennis and Carol and Victoria played a video game on the Ipad.
Bella found a gift that she forgot to open behind a chair. JOY!
 Unfortunately Carol and Dick left early because of the big snow storm, but the girls had fun
We built a snowman with our next door neighbors Casey and Austin and had a snow fight.
We warmed ourselves by the fire.
Then later, after the hot chocolate, we went sledding in the driveway.
I made chili later that night. Yum! Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

The People I Love- Denise, Dave, Paul, Lauren, Peter

We went over to Dave and Denise's house to see their Christmas decorations, eat some amazing chili, and go see their neighborhood Christmas lights. Along the way, we judged which was our favorite. It was a very fun time.
Paul, Lauren, and Peter came to stay with us one night. He is such a cutie pie!
What a joy!

Paul proves that our piano still works and plays Peter a lullaby.
We went bowling. Bella was a little disappointed that she couldn't get the ball to do what she wanted it to do.
Victoria got a couple of strikes.
My favorite part was holding my sleeping nephew. My second most favorite part was when Paul accidentally bowled a strike for Victoria, so we let Victoria bowl for Paul, who had been leading heavily up until that point- we all had a good laugh.
Pictures say it all.
Jer and Bella try to teach Peter to crawl.
Saying goodbye.
My little monkeys spent an hour in the trees after Paul and Lauren left, thank goodness for warm Texas days.

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