Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Busy Month

So much has happened this past month. Time just flys by! In a nutshell, here it is. We went to the Allen Circus and Victoria got her first elephant ride! She was too cute, holding onto Daddy's hand and hiding behind Chris's shirt with the occasional tapping on the back. I don't think she was that scared, but I don't think she would have done it if Nico and Marlee hadn't wanted to do it. My little group mentality girl. Inside the big tent, we got to see the whole show- holahopers, daredevils on motorcycles, acrobats, animal tamers, the giat double wheel acrobats, and most importantly for the kids- the clowns. We ate tons of junk, and got a sugar high from the cotton candy. I think Bella actually enjoyed it more than Victoria- she was jumping and dancing to the music, while Victoria was just beat by the lack of air conditioning in the tent.

We've also had two new cousins to celebrate. We went to see little 2 month Zachary (parents- Mark and Julie) one weekend, and then last Thursday went to see Renae and Josh's new little one Keira Grace Lunn. What a cutie they are. Zachary has the perfect size round head, like a doll baby and Keira has long fingers and toes and looks petite.

We've had our share of birthday celebrations too. We went to Arbor Hills and played on the playground and caught butterflies for Marlee's birthday. We also went to Aiza and Zach's birthday too- can we say fun!

WE've played outside in the backyard quite a bit now that the weather is starting to warm up. I bought a kid spinkler that is shaped like a catepillar and sprays in all different directions. The girls love it, but the weather still needs to warm up more for maximum enjoyment. I also let Victoria choose the sand color for the sand box- purple. Big mistake. We now have purple grass too.

I'm part of two playgroups that meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Victoria really is playing well with everyone. I think she perfers boys, because they are so much more active, or at least these are. Although her best friends are still Nico and Kate. For one playgroup we had a pot painting party. It was a lot of fun. I recommend using watercolors though with our little ones. For another playdate, we made hand prints on shirts and turned them into sea creatures.

So all in all, we've been having a busy month!

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