Saturday, March 19, 2011

Park Dates and Spring Break

We've been doing a bunch of park dates this past month. I never have my camera, it seems, so I've been using my cell phone. I just figured out how to upload my phone to my computer to enjoy my pictures. Bella has become really good at doing the monkey bars on her own. In gymnastics the other day, she did them 5 times in a row by herself (about 40 bars.) The teacher pulled me aside and said how impressed she was with Bella. She said that only 10% of 4 year olds can do 8 monkey bars.

Bentley came with us to the Frisco Commons park.

We met Aunt Renae, Caleb, Chloe, and Keira for a park date at Grant park. They chased each other on the baseball fields and played monster on the playground equipment. Mario came too.

We went to Warren Sports Complex to meet our friends Miss Emily, Kaylee, and Madison on the first day of Spring Break. Victoria took time to enjoy the flowers before rolling down a hill, while Bella learned how to swing by herself.

We took a family outing during Spring Break to Six Flags. It was also St. Patty's Day, hence the green. The kids loved the rides. We loved watching them, but hated the long lines and first real day of heat. (Why did I dress Bella and myself in long sleeve shirts and jeans?)
This ride is called the "Frog Hopper" ride by Victoria and Bella, because it reminds them of a ride from the Hershey amusement park. That was there favorite ride in Pennsylvania. This time, Bella's favorite ride was the Mini Mine Train and Victoria's was the Judge Roy Scream.
Tea cups
Daddy took Victoria on a roller coaster, while Bella and I did another ride together. She was starting to get sad (because she wanted to ride the roller coaster too), so I bribed her with some cotton candy.
We sat down and chatted while waiting for Daddy and Victoria (about 45 minutes). I asked Bella who her favorite kids to play with at school were and what she liked to do with them. She said she likes to play with Charlie and Hannah and that they like to make silly faces to make each other laugh. "Like this," she said...
So Victoria rode her first real roller coaster at Six Flags. It's called the Judge Roy Scream. She just barely squeaked past 42 inches. When I asked Victoria what she thought of it, she said, "That was my favorite ride!" I asked her if she wanted to go again, and she replied, "no, not today." Jer later told me that her eyes were as big as saucers going down that first hill- she was a lot more scared then she let on to me.
carousel ride
We spent about 5 hours at Six Flags, before the kids started to complain, so we jumped in the car and headed home (glad we have season passes, so we can get our money's worth), but not before stopping for some Icees at 7/11.

Later that night Bella let Victoria create Flower Power Child using her body. A cross between a flower and a Transformer! Beware- she shoots flowers, instead of laser rays!

Monday, March 14, 2011

If I had a million dollars...

I was watching the news this morning, trying to see if its going to rain today, and the song "If I Had a Million Dollars" came on. Bella started dancing and singing to it. When it was over, I asked Bella what she would do if she had a million dollars. "If I had a million dollars I would buy a cool house and paint it pink."

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Backyard Funn & Stella

Another busy and wonderful weekend! On Friday night Chris, Chuck, Nico, and Marlee came over for dinner and to play; they got in a couple of minutes of sunshine in the backyard before the sun went down, then they tried to watch Benji, but only made it 30 minutes into it, then needed their athletic fix of running up the stairs to find something else to do. The adults played a card/board game; the girls won;) On Saturday, Victoria was invited to Brianna's Birthday Tea Party. We got dressed up and took a couple of pictures in the backyard. It was a neat outdoor tea party in the heart of downtown Frisco. She had a blast with her old friend from MDO. She even got to dance some and eat cake wearing white gloves. Later that day, we went over to Coppell to meet my parents at their neat wooden park- V&B love to play hide and seek there. We went to a Mexican restaurant for dinner and then over to my parents house to relax. On Sunday, we went to Nico's birthday party at a rock climbing gym. FUN! The girls were a little apprehensive at first, but caught on quickly. They each went up about 5 different rock climbing runs. Jer and I belayed them and I even got to go up 2 runs myself. My arms and legs were very sore the next morning. Later that night, Stephen, Jessica, Stella, and little Roman came over for super. We played a super fun game of Loaded Questions, while Victoria and Bella showed Stella how to dance. A great weekend!

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