Saturday, April 28, 2007

Jer's Birthday

Jer's birthday was last week. I reserved a room at Buco de Beppo- the Pope's room. The food was wonderful, atmosphere grand, and the kids were finally somewhat good. There was 16 of us- Jer's family. The kids couldn't stay put. Half way through the meal they got up and started chasing each other around the room- thank goodness we had our own little round pope room. Of coarse won't you know that they where great when the cake came- velvet red cake with butter cream frosting. What a fun time!

Sunday, April 8, 2007


When Victoria woke up this morning, we asked her- what do you think the Easter bunny brought you? Her response- Caleb (her cousin)- where's Caleb! She went running around looking for him. She did however get a couple of things that she liked- a little stuffed animal bunny that plays "Jesus Loves Me", a summer nightgown, Easter eggs filled with jellybeans, and a chocolate rabbit. We went over to Carol and Dick's house for an Easter feast and egg hunt. Victoria got to see her cousins Caleb, Chloe, Tessa, and Tanner. They have so much fun when they get together. Victoria didn't take her nap until four. I too am exhausted- too much fun and sugar. Good night and happy Easter.


Last Sunday we went to the zoo. It was the perfect weather for it- brisk in the morning, turning to hot when it was time to go. We packed a lunch and loaded the kids in the double stroller. Victoria really seemed to have a good time. She enjoyed seeing the elephants and lions best. She was a little scared of the crocodile and hid behind Daddy- too cute. Bella enjoyed the walk, but liked to be totted in the Snugli- she is putting on some weight (16.6lb). The worst part of the day was when I tryed to look for a place to breastfeed and decided to sit down on a curb in a remote part of the zoo. As I was feeding Bella, I felt something tickle and go down the back of my pants. I jumped up and tryed to get it out, but it was nothing. On Tuesday I developed a very itchy rash that extends the whole of my back- poison ivy. Luckily it should only last 3 weeks. All in all, the zoo was a success. I forgot how much I like stuff like that.

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