Monday, August 29, 2011

Bella's First Day of School

Bella had a good first day at school. She is going only in the afternoons this year and kept asking me all morning- "Is it time for school yet Mom?" Finally, I asked if Austin could come over for an hour to take her mind off of it :) Her teachers this year are Mrs. Tia and Mrs. Jane. She met 3 new kids, and played "drive through" at recess with a new friend named Jake who has a "blond mo-hawk." She had circle time and played with play dough. She was a little upset because the one girl she met at Meet the Teacher wasn't there today, but she was happy to meet some new friends. With Bella in school, I was able to do an errand- run to Cosco, and fine detail clean my car- it was in desperate need of a little TLC. Tomorrow I'll be doing some painting. This year, I'm only getting about a two hour window of time, so I have to learn how to be more productive with my time, and not dilly-dally.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Princess Breakfast and Such

This has been a very fast busy week- Victoria started school and I'm finally able to do some deep cleaning, and also do some more play dates and such with Bella. We went to the Frisco Commons spray park this week with some of the 4 year olds in our community. She loved basking in the sun and playing with her new best friend Austin.
Jeremy decided that the family needed to try Babes Chicken. What a neat place- very, um, different- think strange Western meets Kentucky Fried Chicken, only with better sides- loved the mashed potatoes and gravy, creamed corn, and green beans.

I'm officially a soccer mom! Bella started her 4 year old soccer program on Friday. She really liked it! Coach Aaron was amazing he kept the girls going and laughing the whole hour long. Bella is the girl with the red soccer ball. She was actually quite good and was able to kick the ball in the goal a couple of times and steal it away from another player once or twice when they devided onto teams- the Princesses and Frogs. Jeremy is even going to be the Assistant Coach. He had a lot of fun too.

On Saturday we had an All Girl Princess Breakfast at the Original House of Pancakes with our friends Julie, Braelyn, Darcy, Kate, and Abby. Each girl dressed up as a Disney princess- we went to the Disney store afterward to do a princess craft in our garb. So we had our Princess Breakfast of pancakes, waffles, bacon, and eggs, then constructed a Princess Storyboard at the Disney store.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Victoria's 1st day of school

My little girl's now a first grader! She had a wonderful day! Her teacher is Mrs. Jamar. Victoria told me she is an "awesome teacher." She also has a new friend named Laila who is "a very pretty girl with dark brown hair that is two inches taller than her." She sits right beside her in the classroom. Victoria even got to play with her old friends Bentley and Nico during recess, along with Laila. They played house- she was the baby, Nico- the Dad, Laila- the Mom, Bentley- the sister. She's looking forward to going tomorrow and trying to buy her lunch at school.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ch Ch Ch Changes

There's been a lot of changes around here! Both my parents and my BIL Josh and SIL Renae and their three kids Caleb, Chloe, and Keira have moved away this summer. The Lunns went to Monument, Colorado (slightly North of Colorado Springs), and my parents went back to their "hometown" Albuquerque, New Mexico. I know we'll see them again for many vacations and I'm hoping to get my Skype up and talk to them that way, but I still miss them. We saw each other at least every other week since from when the girls were born.

We have new neighbors that moved in next to us. One of them is a 4 year old boy named Austin. Bella, Victoria, and Austin have been playing together about every other day. Yesterday Austin told Bella that he was going to marry her, but first he had to ask if it was okay with his other girlfriend. I love listening to them.

We went to a neighborhood block party on National Night Out. It was 110 degrees outside! They set up a kiddie pool for the kids- they added some bags of ice to the water. I was so hot beads of sweat kept running down my back and I had a constant headache. I actually stuck my feet in the kiddie pool at one time to cool down. It was insane! But well worth it- we got to meet some cool, new neighbors and visit with the old ones, while complaining about the heat. This has been one of the hottest summers in Dallas history. We almost tied with the most consecutive days of over 100 degree heat-(45, I believe), came shy of the record by 2 days- when we finally got a much needed rain storm; then the next day it was up in the 100s again.

I went to Austin with Chris for a much needed girl's weekend. We ate all the wrong foods (Home Slice pizza rocks!!!), drank a couple of drinks, listened to an amazing 80s cover band, pampered ourselves at a spa- I got a message and pedicure, visited with friends, did some shopping, and slept like babies without a care in the world- thank goodness for high quality pillows and blackout curtains.

One of my friends Emily just had two adorable twin boys who I've gotten to spend some time with this summer. They've helped me get my "baby fix." Look how cute they are. Although, listening to her lack of sleep stories, makes me glad mine are grown.

I can't believe summer is almost over- it has flown by fast. The last week of summer, I tried to squeeze in as many playdates, and fun things to do as possible. We went to the Frisco Athletic Center for a last bit of swimming- just the girls and I. They played together wonderfully and our favorite thing to do was go on the Lazy River- Victoria in an inner-tube sunning herself and Bella with a life vest constantly paddling to the wall and then back to me.

I celebrated my 38th birthday by going out to Pappaduex for the best Lobster Bisque ever! Earlier that day, the girls brought me breakfast in bed that they had helped make- Bella made the bowl of Cheeries, and Victoria made the strawberry toast, Daddy made the eggs and coffee. They did a great job! In the afternoon, we went to Applebees for lunch- definitely recommend their soup and salad combo. And of coarse, the $2 brownie, ice cream, fudge dessert- yum! I had a great birthday! Thanks!

aaaaaaahhhhhh..... Even with the changes, life is good.

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