Tuesday, September 30, 2008


OK. I'm done. I'm drinking my beer, gonna take a bath, and gonna collapse into the bed tonight. What a day! Somedays I feel like all I do is clean and discipline 24/7- not joking. Somedays I feel like my kids have hit that adolscence a decade too soon. And then there are days like today. I took Victoria to her first dentist visit. Plus side, I ran into Uncle Jerry and Aunt Barb at Dr. Patel's office; negative side, I held Victoria in the dentist's chair for 5 minutes while she screamed bloody murder for 5 minutes with worried customers looking at us. Not fun. Then both kid have just been acting like "little instigators" (more time outs today then in the past week). I finally came home and the girls are screaming and crying at me to be fed. When I start to make the spaghetti, they scream, "no, I want a snack". When Jer gets home, I tell him, I'm done and go to run an errand- picking up Bella's beloved Monkey that of coarse we had left at the gym. On the way back home I pick up a six pack, pop one open when I get home, let my body fall on the couch, stare at a movie that is playing on TV (Bee Movie), and realize... "Hey, Jer, where's Bella?" "I don't know." So I go to investigate...

Sunday, September 28, 2008

1st Camping Experience

Victoria and Bella hiking at Lake Ray Roberts.

Daddy, Victoria, and Bella hiding in the brush.

Victoria finds some time to rollerskate.

Victoria's war wound from falling off the picnic table.
Note the Scobby Doo bandaid.

Daddy teaching the girls how to cook a hot dog.

Daddy teaching the girls how to cook a marshmallow.

We took the girls camping at Lake Ray Roberts this past Saturday. We left after their naps. It took about 35 minutes to get there- not bad, although Bella was still not a cooperative passenger. Jer bought a new cool tent at Target, because we can't find our old one- I think we lent it out, but can't remember to who. So if you have it, give me a ringy ding. This new tent sleeps 6 people and at night you can watch the stars in it- really cool. When we got to the campsite, we set the tent up, went looking for firewood (Victoria loved finding it), and got settled in. Then we drove around the lake. They actually have a beach area with sand and water to play in, but I didn't bring the girls' suits. Then we took a walk on a paved trail- nice for the kids. Victoria was even able to get some roller skating in. Later that night we had a feast- hot dogs on wire hangers, green beans from the can, Cheetos, marshmallows, and New York Peppermint Patties. At night we turned on the lantern and taught the girls how to play War with cards. They loved this. Ahhh, we lost. We won!!! Yeah! Over and over again. We put the girls to bed and tried to read our book outside, but Victoria kept waking up and talking, so we ended up going to sleep at 10ish. The one thing I hate about camping is the sleeping, or lack there of. It got so cold (50s or low 60s) and we really didn't bring much covers. Jer, Bella, and Victoria kept waking up throughout the night and complaining. Every sound woke me up. I swear I heard someone/ something in the bushes behind our tent at least 10 times during the night. Acorns or leaves kept dropping and making weird sounds. And then there was the most uncomfortable thing of all- the bedding itself. I think I slept/laid on a rock the entire night and I kept moving from this side to that side with no real difference. I will be buying an air mattress before our next excursion. In the morning, we made another fire and ate some more hot dogs for breakfast- they were good. I feel like I have a hangover- my back hurts, I have bags under my eyes, I'm so tired, and I just feel plain beaten up. But really, I wouldn't have changed it. I made some wonderful memories and so did Bella and Victoria and Jeremy. My favorites were of Jer teaching the girls to set their marshmallows on fire, me teaching Victoria what a Praying Mantis was, and playing a great game of war.

Saturday, September 27, 2008


We did the annual Juvienille Diabetes Walk today in Plano. In years past, I've been able to complete the 3+ miles in an hour with everyone else. Ha! My two little angels walk the pace of an ant. We started out in the stroller and were good for about 8 blocks, then Bella breaks out into a full temper tantram, because she wants down. Victoria of coarse wants down too. I push the stroller to the side and get them out. They walk on the side dirt, where not as many people were walking. But we still are getting bumped into and stepping over dog crap- something like a hundred dogs came on the walk this year- the girls liked looking at them. After 10 minutes, Bella throws another fit- she doesn't want to walk and she doesn't want in the stroller. At this point I decide, we've had enough and stear the stroller while holding Bella and screaming for Victoria to follow toward the parrelel street- the path back. We traveled with all the fast runners already making their way back after half an hour, as Bella and Victoria
"run" along side of the stroller. When we cross the finish line, the girls got a ballon, sticker, and split a giant chocolate muffin. They also got to go play in the bouncehouse.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Plano Balloon Festival

We went to the Plano Balloon Festival this past Sunday. It was a spur of the moment kind of thing. I loaded the car with the lawn chairs and a cooler for some drinks. There last "take off" was at 6 that night, so we left at 5:15. We grabbed some McDonald's and headed for a parking lot to watch the sight. It was splectacular! The balloons floated right over our head. Victoria and Bella ran on the little grass section in front of our car.

The ballons had to clear the power lines that were right in front of us. I was a little scared of this- I've seen one too many Real TV episodes where a balloon pops on the power lines.

The great dragon balloon- this was of coarse the girls favorite. It was also the last one of the evening. I was a little disappointed because I thought there would be more giant balloons and balloons period. On their website it shows close to 30, but we probably only saw between 10-15.

They seriously floated right over your head. You could see the fire when they pulled the string.

Jeremy and Victoria are getting a better look. Bella would not put Monkey down the entire evening. She also loved my Coke drink from McDonalds.

The girls found a little space to sit down in the grass. There was also tons of rocks from the parking lot scattered in the grass that they kept playing with. See, I told Jeremy that we didn't need to bring a ball to play with. (Sidenote: I did bring their bikes to ride, but the parking lot was too crowded.)

Strike a pose! Afterwards we went to Garden Ridge and bought some Fall accesories for the house. We also went through their Halloween section of the store. They had really scarey ghosts and gowls. It was funny to watch the girls' reactions.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Terrible Twos Too Early

So Bella has hit the "terrible twos" way too early for me. Yes, she's started the wonderful tantum stage- where she whales on the floor and can't be comforted by mommy's arms anymore. It's driving me crazy. I thought that I'd have more time. I don't remember Victoria starting this early. I really don't like this stage. But I do have to say it's kind of funny- especially when you see her all dressed up and having a fit. Reminds me of the song- It's My Party; And I'll Cry If I Want To.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Victoria's Tantrum

Well, this might be the last video in a long while. I broke my camera last weekend- placed it on top of a sink when I washed my hands and it fell off. Here's the last video I was able to salvage. I actually had Jer take this video when we were driving in Corpus Christi and Victoria was throwing a fit. My friend Chris was talking to me the day before about how she sometimes feels that she's the only one who has the tantrum problem and I wanted proof that my daughter does too. What is funny, is that as Jer turns on the camera, she goes into hiding. So, Chris, note: to stop a tantrum, try turning on the camera. This one's for you.

Bella's Laugh

One of the girl's favorite things right now is to spin each other on the computer chair. I love the sound of their laughter.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Dr. Suess Makes House Calls

Playing with my kids tonight...
Victoria: I have allergies.
Me: I have allerigies too.
Bella: I have allergies too.
Me:What should we do?
Victoria: Let's call a doctor. Look, it's Doctor Bella.
Bella: No, I sick too.
Victoria: OK. (Picking up the play phone off the kitchen set.) Yes, Dr. Suess can you come over and give us some medicine. OK, he's on his way.
Me: Oh, look I heard Dr. Suess at the door. Come in. Give us our medicine please (opening my hand and taking it). Yum, it's good. See you later. Thank you.
Victoria: (Gobbling down her medicine.) Yes, it's good.
Bella: (Gobbling down her medcine.) It's good too.
Victoroia: Ahhhhchhooo, oh no, I'm still sick.
Me: Achoo, me too.
Bella: Achoo, me too.
Me: What should we do?
Victoria: Let's call Dr. Suess again.
Oh, to live in the mind of a three year old... or an almost two year old.
(The picture was taken in Corpus at a pizza place- Victoria was goofing off and making me laugh.)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Heard Museum

What a gorgeous day to go to the Heard Museum. The weather this morning was in the 70s when we started out. We met our friends Patti, Grayson, Nico, Marlee and Chris for our trek. I felt electrified with excitement! First we saw the Animals Around the World- some lemurs, and other animals I couldn't pronounce and had never seen before. Then we went into the butterfly house. Victoria loved it! She ran around trying to catch the butterflies. It was so cool! Bella liked it, but got bored quickly and wanted Miss Patti to read her the Hungry Caterpillar book. After that, we ate lunch and played in a sandbox that had rideable dinosaurs. Lastly we took a walk around the park part of the museum that has the dinosaur exhibits. It was so neat to see how much our kids have changed in almost a year. Last year they were crying at the mock dinosaurs, this year they were trying to feed the dinosaurs sticks. My kids crashed as soon as I started the car for home. What a glorious day!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

School's Back From the Summer

Driving in the car, the first morning back.
I had just asked them, who wants to go to school? Raise your hand.

Note Bella's Monkey and Blankie.

Happy all around.

Bella was telling me about her day.

The girls started their first day of school today. I was a little apprehensive about Bella going- last night I asked her if she wanted to go to school like her sister and she said no. Yikes. It didn't make matters better when she fell down in the parking lot because she was holding Monkey and Blankie and didn't see the curb. So she had just finished a good cry when I took her into her classroom and introduced her to her teachers, Miss Blythe and Miss Pamela. Those are tough names for her to say. She calls them Miss Byte and Miss Paaapa. She stood there frozen and looking around- there was a screamer and all these new faces. Unfortunately, I had to go walk Victoria to her class which is 5 minutes away or we would be late. When I took Victoria to her classroom, she didn't want to go in. I had to coax her to sit in her seat and play with the playdough. Her teacher Miss Karin came over and tried to get her to stay in her seat, but she wanted to hide behind my leg. Finally, I decided to leave and viewed her from afar. Once Victoria's crutch was gone, she opened up more and I heard her telling the teacher that at home she cuts playdough with scissors. I went back to check on Bella and she was against the door still holding her lovies with another boy beside her in the same boat- shell shocked. I was a little worried, but left.

I came home and got soooo much accomplished. I took care of appointments and cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. I went through every bin and toy in our house and sorted it out- reorangized some, some to Goodwill, and some to be stored in a closet for rotation. After finding a dead scorpion in Victoria and Bella's room, I sprayed the entire house for bugs- nooking their room. I got on the internet and went to my momsite, did tons of emails, ordered photos of our vacation, and basically just played catch up.

At 2ish I drove up to the school and crossed my fingers. First stop- Victoria's classroom- she's upstairs in another building of the school. When Ientered, I saw that Victoria appeared to have just awoken from her nap- she was the last one sleeping- loves her sleep, just like mom. She ran over and gave me a huge hug. The teacher said she was shy for the first 30 minutes, then came full circle. She was very talkative and friendly. We went to go pick up Bella, and I had to laugh. She was on the floor dancing and singing to her teachers. She was shaking her head back and forth while almost doing a sommersault. She was holding a baby doll and walking around to her other classmates and just chillin'. I think she thought she owned the place. Aw, my two extremes! The teacher's told me that they were impressed that Bella knew her ABC's and colors. Afterward, I took them outside and took a picture of them from the side of the school. They were happy. I was happy. I'm going to love Wednesdays and Fridays.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Beach: A Love/Hate Relationship

We went to Corpus Christi this weekend; actually we stayed in a condo in Port Aransis. The girls had so much fun on the beach- digging in the sand, trying to make sand castles, destroying Daddy's sand castles, playing in the waves, collecting seashells, and just exploring another world. I love the beach too and had so much fun watching the girls faces when a wave would come and they would try to jump it. However, after the third day, I felt so grimmy. I have a love/hate relationship with the beach. The only time I felt clean was at bedtime, when I took a shower and washed all the sand and tar off me. Yes, I said, tar- it washed ashore the second day and everywhere you walked little pieces of tar would stick to you- gross. Luckily, Baby Oil gets it off pretty easily- who knew? We went out for dinner at night and tried some pretty amazing sea food dishes. The Tiger shrimp at Castaways is a top contender for my all time favorite meal. I also liked the Mahi Mahi at the port bar. Anything that you dip into buttersauce is good- even broccolli. We rode the ferry boat and the girls liked that too. However, on day two when we rented a two man kayac and went out into the bay with the girls, Bella lost it ten minutes into the trip and kept screaming, "I want to go home." Victoria, not as vocal, thank goodness, didn't much care for it either. Jer had a blast though and the next day he went out into the ocean with a kayak, while I watched the girls. On the last day, the waves were getting really big- shoulder length, due to Hurricane Gustav landing in New Orleans. Jer was bummed because we only had a very short time that day (we had to go home), but he got a buggie board and road some killer waves. I tried to take the girls out in the ocean and jump some waves that day, but the rip tide was so strong that I decided it was not a wise idea and we ended up collecting seashells while Daddy got to hang 10. (Like my lingo?- I've been at the beach too long.) Bella was aweful on the plane ride home- screamed bloody murder for 15 minutes because she wanted to hold her drink by herself and I wouldn't let her because I knew she would spill it. Finally she sneaked it from me when I said something to Jer and she spilled it. It was a great vacation, but I'm so glad to be home.

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