Thursday, June 21, 2007

Ahhh Vacation?

Why do we need a vaction after a vacation? I loved the corpus trip- yes we went to Corpus again and spent a good deal of time in the sun and ate way too much and had a blast- but I came home and desperately need another vacation- the sandy laundry, the stacks of miscellanious junk that I didn't put away before leaving, the car that lost it's air conditioning that had to be taken into the shop, the fridge that needed emptying (something weird smelling), the pictures that need downloaded and touched up and ordered, the kids that are on their last leg from traveling and are getting restless and fussy (although I think Victoria is cutting two molars), and all my friends and family that I need to catch up with- I love youall, but I need a break! Enough said. Onto cuter stories.

Today Victoria went poop on the potty. Yeah! I actually did a potty dance. I'm thinking of marketing this. Is it so wrong that my first instinct after she pooped was to grab the camera and take a picture. Man, I don't think I'd ever hear myself saying that.

We have had a surplus of flies in our house- yesterday my mother-in-law and I killed a combined 50 flies. Thank goddness today I only killed 10. I had to laugh at my daughter's reaction to my fly crusade. As I'm weilding the swatter, she exclaims, "Good job Mom!" (My little two year old) and proceeds to put her hand out to give me a high five. Too cute.

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