Thursday, October 23, 2008

Dallas Arboretum

We went to the Dallas Arboretum today with our great friends!

Let's give it up for my homies!

It was so beautiful there- colors everywhere.

Pumpkins everywhere too!

They had a giant house made out of pumpkins!

My kids really weren't cooperating for pictures (yes, we got a couple of good ones, but only because I had it on continuous shut and Chris was taking some pictures too.) Here's one of the few of us all together having fun.

Victoria loves her stick.

This is my favorite one of Bella.

Bella started laughing in that high pitch goat sound again. (She started when she was a baby, but grew out of it.) So in the pictures where her mouth is shaped like an "O", you'll know what is going on.

All of the kids loved scaling the fence and walking on pumpkins. I kept thinking, I wonder what would happen if I did that- would the pumpkin splatter into a million pieces?

In this picture Victoria looks so long legged- which is the only height on my body, wonder if she gets it from me?
The girls had so much fun today. I did too, but it was stressful fun- there was a ton of kids at the arboretum and my kids were on stimulation overload. Thanks friends for the marvalous time!

Jer tells me a funny story

I went to a camera class last night while Jer watched the kids. When I got home, Jer told me a funny story about Victoria that I had to share and write down. I need to preface the story- Lately, we've been having Victoria fill out a daily chart on her tasks and if she gets all smiles that day then she gets to stay up an extra 10 minutes at bedtime with us. It's been working really good so far. She makes her bed, gets dressed, buckles her own seat beat, uses her manners at supper, and cleans up the toys at bedtime all on her own with us only reminding her once (ok, maybe twice). Anyhow, appearently Victoria hit her head on the table right before cleaning up at bedtime. When Jer was filling out the chart with Victoria, he said, "Should I put a smiley face for cleaning?" She said, "Yes, I tried, but I couldn't help with cleaning because I got a bump on the head." So Jer drew a smiley face for cleaning and then drew a bump on the smiley face. Victoria started rolling with laughter. Jer was so happy that our daughter understands jokes now.

Friday, October 17, 2008


I love Fall- the changing leaves, the cooler temps, the excitement in the air. I caught Victoria making up a song this morning about Fall. She must like it too. She was playing with the window decorations of leaves, if you can't tell what this is.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


So I changed the title of my blog. I always meant to- A Day in the life of a SAHM (Stay at Home Mom) was pretty boring and some people didn't know what the initials stood for- oh yeah, we're all not SAHMs, but I couldn't figure out something else at the time.
Yesterday I went to the library with the girls and had a very refreshing slow stoll through the place. When you take it slower, they and I do so much better. Note to self: need to stop rushing and smell the flowers. We checked out 20 cool books and 2 neat movies (Piaret Muppet Movie and Madeline, the Movie) and the music for the Wizzard of Oz. I played it once I got into the car. It's amazing what a song can do to you, when you need it. I was instantly feeling destressed upon listening to Somewhere Over the Rainbow.
Today, after I dropped off the girls for school, I got into the car and the song If I Only Had a Brain was playing. I forgot how much I liked it. There was a lyric that I didn't quite get though- Life would be a Ding-a-derry? So I got home, after grocery shopping, and googled it. There's actually a bunch of speculation as to what it means- nonsense word, wonderland, "ring" of land, etc. I think it means something along the lines of a feel good place. And that's where I want to live. I have been so stressed lately with the kids having their "independence" phase (the tantrums, the No's, the "I do it my way!", the frustration when they can't get it, me always speaking and telling them how to or not to or... you get the picture) and also the holidays in general stress me. I need to remember to live in a Ding-a-derry world, to think more positively, to not put so much on my plate, and just enjoy. That's my challenge.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Jerry and Barb's Lake house

We traveled to Pittsburg Texas to visit Jerry and Barb this weekend. They have a lake house and the girls got to have some water fun and some one on one time with their relatives.Jerry had the best luck with catching fish. He'd put his pole out and within minutes, sometimes seconds, he'd catch one. Jer and I each caught a pretty decent one too.
Victoria woke up from her nap and wanted desperately to go out on the boat. She was so happy to be aboard it.
Bella really enjoyed pretending to drive it.
Victoria enjoys the wind in her hair as Daddy drives the boat ultra fast.
Bella did not like the life jacket and threw the biggest fit. But once we started to go fast on the water, she reluctantly gave in.
We parked the boat in a remote area and did some more fishing. The scenery was spectacular and we couldn't have asked for better weather. This time Jerry's bait got nibbled away every time by a turtle. And after Victoria complaining that she had to go pee and would not use the port-a-potty, we turned the boat around and set for home.
Both girls were smitten with Barb and Jerry. Barb was teaching them how to drive a boat, but they could only touch the steering wheel; all other controls were off limits. (But that didn't mean that they didn't try.)
I had a wonderful time. It was so nice to take a breath of country air and just breath.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Bella turns 2

Bella turned two this weekend.
We had a Curious George style party. This is her actual "Monkey" that she carries around everywhere. When she saw the spread, she was so excited.
We played pin-the-tail-on-Curious George.
Afterward we went outside and blew bubblues and played Duck, Duck, Goose.
The kids really enjoyed it.
They didn't quite grasp the idea of only one person chasing the other person around the circle, so they improvised and chased each other around the backyard.
This is one of my favorite pictures that Chris took. I can't believe my little girl is no longer a baby. I'll always protect her.
We ate pizza and cupcakes, opened presnts, and just played he day away with great family and friends. (The girls took the longest nap I think they've ever taken.) Bella had a truely wonderful time. Thank you everyone. Happy 2nd birthday my little angel!

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