Sunday, April 24, 2011


Saturday we decorated our Easter eggs. This was the first year that the kids could do it all by themselves, although Bella did crack one by mistake.

Saturday we also celebrated Jeremy's and Mom's birthdays by going out to Bucca de Beppo, Jer's favorite restaurant- they have a great Apple Gorgonzola Salad and real thin crust Italian pizza. We got the "Pope" room- it has a bust of Pope Benedict and a large Lazy Susanne that you spin your family style food around on.

The next morning the Easter Bunny came. He left the girls candy, a cute white bunny, a pinwheel, and a Disney princess castle to share.

We went to the 8:30 church service after seeing our baskets. The night before, as I was cleaning up around house ;) I accidentally dropped a large metal art box on my toe and broke it. We got to church 5 minutes early, or should I say late because as everyone knows, Easter service is packed. We had to stand outside in the courtyard. It was actually quite nice and peaceful, and luckily there was a bench that I could sit down for my foot. They had speakers, so that you could hear, and we watched the storm clouds over head that didn't produce anything but shade for us. We went to Carol and Dick's house afterwards for a ham lunch.

Tanner and Tessa and the Lunn cousins hunted Easter eggs. The big kids, Caleb and Tanner, went first in the front yard. The adults had to help step in, because they were hidden so good. It was an all out affair.

In the back yard, Tessa, Chloe, Keira, Victoria, and Bella looked for their eggs.

After the hunt we sat around and chatted. Josh showed us how he walks on his hands.

Victoria was goofing off and put Easter grass in her hair as a wig.

Tanner's next with his hands!

The girls decided that Grandpa needed some grass in his hair too.

Bella blowing bubbles on this glorious day. Happy Easter!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Colleen's Easter Purses

My Aunt Colleen spoils my kids, and they love it! Look at the cute adorable purses she made for them for Easter. She is so crafty and creative! She also put a couple of little treats in their bags. They especially loved the squeaky chickens and bunny lollipops.
Thank you Aunt Colleen! and Happy Easter!

Bella's Easter Party

The celebrated Easter at Bella's school on Wednesday morning with muffins and candy. They gave the kids chalk and giant black construction paper Easter egg. They were suppose to draw a pattern or something, but the kids were just thrilled to be given chalk shaped like an Easter egg.

Bella's best friend at school is a little girl named Hannah. She talks about her all the time and how they like to play pirate during playground.

Victoria's Date Night

My daughter Victoria cracks me up- little miss diva lounging in the sun with a hat over her head.
I got to spend some one on one time with Victoria the other night. We talked about her upcoming birthday party and made invitations. She cut out the typed logos with groovy scissors and neatly and artistically wrote her friends names on the invitions. Then we added butterflys (hot glued)and flower stickers.

Then we went out to her favorite Chinese food place Lotus for Wonton soup and Honey Seared Chicken. We talked about school and her favorite things to do. There was a little boy there about Victoria's age that was playing with a rolled up piece of paper as a sword. Victoroia was laughing hysterically and asking him questions about Ninja Warrior, her favorite show right now. We went to Hobby Lobby next to get some stickers for her invitations. As we were waiting in line, I saw Victoria eyeing the candy bars. I told her since this was a special night she could choose one for her dessert. (I've never bought her a whole candy bar before and she was thrilled to death.) She offered me a bite, and I told her, "No thank you. I gave up chocolate for Lent." She replied, "That's okay Mom. I can still eat it, since I gave up brocolli for lent." I cracked up. Oh, how I love her!

The next day, Victoria gave me a "present"- this drawing, a picture of me- Queen Mommy :)

Stella's Birthday

We went to Stella's third birthday party this past weekend at the Dallas Arboretum. It was a picnic at Beauty and the Beast's castle. (Stella is Stephen and Jessica's little girl, we have known them since college.)
The girls enjoyed the sights and playing with bubbles and these cool streamers that the creative Jessica made.

They also have a little boy named Roman who I got to hold and get my baby fix. He was too cute.

Stephen taught the kids how to roll down a hill. Victoria was a champ and didn't want to stop even after 10 plus times. Bella took a little coaxing, but...

had a blast!

The streamers came in handy when ushering the kids to the bathroom.
It was a gorgeous day- loved the flowers!

Happy Birthday Stella! Thanks for the wonderful day!

Heather Ridge Easter Egg Hunt

Our neighborhood Heather Ridge had an Easter egg hunt. The girls were super excited to go. Bella got dressed herself in a long sleeve gymnastic get up with bunny ears, but I told that we needed to change to something a little cooler for the outdoor hunt. We still kept the ears though.
Bella's age division was first.

Victoria's age division (5-6) was next and lined up. We even got to hunt with Nico and Marlee :)
Although it was really more of a mad dash then a hunt, since the eggs were just scattered on the lawn. Hopefully the Easter bunny will make us work for his eggs.

They even gave us a free family pin of the event. Yeah!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Keira Turns Three and Backyard Fun

My cutie-pie niece Keira turned three today. Her mother Renae threw her a Pinkalicious Party (Everything was in pink, like the book Pinkalicious.) The decorations and cupcakes were too cute, although Keira was the hit of the show in a adorable pink dress with pigtails. Unfortunately, Bella and I could not attend because we had to go take group ballet pictures with her class, but we came back for the after party.
It was 86 degrees outside. I was afraid it might be too cold for the kids, but they had a blast on the water slide in Grandma's and Grandpa's backyard. In fact, I distinctly heard they kids say- "This is the best day ever!"

I love this picture- the gang decides to do a train down the slide, however, Victoria starts to slip, then Bella; Chloe lets go and Keira never had a chance to latch on.

Even Copper had a good time- he drank Dick's beer that he had sitting out at his feet. Look how long his tongue is.
It did start to get cold for the girls (the wind didn't help) and they made little tents out of their towels, while sitting on chairs. Bella was not to happy that her tent wouldn't close all the way. And who is that under the other tent?
It's birthday girl!
The girls decided they would try some of their stretches that they do in gymnastics. I'm amazed!

So Jeremy thought he was being funny and climbed the water slide while the water was off in his clothes. He called the kids up there with him and was jokingly pushing them down the slide, but.... joke was on him....
someone turned the waterslide on, causing him to get wet. hehehe. Who could that be? Maybe the man standing by the faucet. Like father, like son:)
A great day! Happy Birthday Keira!

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