Friday, July 9, 2010

Fairy Godmother Mishap

I was playing dress up with Victoria and Bella today. Bella was her usual ballerina. Victoria was a fairy godmother. She was using a small wooden pinwheel as her wand. She was turning me into a bunny when she accidentally poked me in the eye with the wand. Ouch! I tried to wait for the pain to go away, but I couldn't fully open my eye after 15 minutes- it still hurt bad. I went to the eye doctor shortly after that. He said I have a large abrasion of the eye from the pupil up to the white and put a patch on it (looked like a contact.) He also gave me some antibiotics and some tear drops and told me it'll take a week to heal. Now I'm a one eyed momma! Who knew playing fairy godmother would be so dangerous.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

4th of July

We celebrated the 4th of July with the Lunn side family. We drove to Jerry and Barb's house on Lake Bob Sandler in Pittsburg, TX and had a fun get-together. The whole gang was there- Carol, Dick, Josh, Renae, Caleb, Chloe, Keira, Dave, Denise, Sally, Quinn, Tanner, Tessa, and of coarse, us and Jerry and Barb:)

Jeremy was so excited to get into the lake. He was the first one who put on a swimming suit and the first one who jumped into the lake.
There was lots of fun toys for us on the lake- Jet Skis, a raft, and a tube to be pulled. We all took turns.

We set off mini fireworks during the day, mainly smoke bombs. The kids loved running into the smoke and chasing each other.

Later, Jer took a group of kids out in the raft. A storm blew in and we luckily made it back to the house without too many raindrops. We sat in Barb's enclosed indoor deck and watched the rain come down. Then we started a game on Texas Hold'em. Sally and I cleaned the house:)

We started the fireworks once it got dark. "Wow!" is all I can say! I really enjoyed taking pictures (or trying to) of all the different fireworks. But looking back my favorite pictures are actually my mistakes- where the camera screwed up- such is life.

The next day the kids were all playing upstairs with these rolled paper flingy things. They could get them about 3 feet long if they really threw it just right. I dared them to get my camera. He he.

After breakfast, we went on a boat ride.

Our infamous laughing captain sprayed all of us with water several times throughout the trip.

Victoria follows in her father's footsteps and practices her surfing/balancing skills aboard the boat.

As luck would have it, our captain was driving a little too fast and lost his hat, but we retrieved it for him and had a good laugh at his expense finally;)

I love this picture! Bella celebrating the 4th of July!

A storm was rolling in on the boat. The girls got up front and watched it. We made it out okay and went back to the house for a KFC lunch and some more gabbing. I was really grateful for all of the rain we had been/are having- everything was really lush and green and the temperature wasn't as hot, especially with all the clouds.
We also got to say Happy Anniversary to Jerry and Barb this weekend, who celebrated their 50th! Too neat! We left before we got to have a toast with them. (Jer had to get back to work, so we left early.) So... as I sit here at 10:30 on Sunday the 4th of July (everyone's tuckered out and snoring in bed, but me), I raise my beer can to you Jerry and Barb- Happy 50th! And many more! And thanks for the great weekend!

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