Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere!

The past two weeks have flown by so fast. Last weekend Jer and I did the Jimmy Buffet thing and partied the whole Saturday while my parents watched the girls. It was very fun, but I was fighting the urge to go home and nap. This past weekend has been nothing but birthday parties- Grayson turned 3 (V&B's buddy from Thursday playgroup), Jer turned 35 (celebrated at where else, Buca de Beppo), Kierra turned 1 (my adorable niece), and my Mom turned 63 (went to church with them and took them to the pancake breakfast afterward- Mom loves their chocolate chip pancakes.) In our downtime, Jer and I completed a really cool Egyptian puzzle, although Bella semi-ate two of the pieces:)

This weekend we're planning a trip to Arkansas, if the swine flu doesn't break out. I went shopping for some essentials today with the girls- a sopping cart nightmare! Bella bonked Victoria over the head with a cucumber and Victoria karate-chopped it in half. That was only round one. You should have seen the checkout lady's face when she rang up a broken cucumber. Too funny. Stay tuned for our trip.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


My parents came over Saturday morning to dye Easter eggs, afterward we went to a great Italian restraunt Patrucio's and had lunch with my future sister-in-law Lauren, her family, and the Sadowski's- alot of fun!

On Sunday we went to church with Carol and Dick and then over to their house for Easter ham and a good egg hunt. Guess who was first out the door to collect the eggs?

After the hunt, Bella decides to "chill" by reading a comic book. Can we say Daddy's little girl? She is so much like him- the go, go attitude, her interests, her social skills, etc.

After a nap, the girls want to get into their chocolate bunnies.

What was Mommy thinking not changing her beautiful dress and white sweeter?


Dentist bill?

Friday, April 10, 2009

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Easter Hunts at School

We had Easter parties and hunts at school today.
Victoria's class party was in the morning. They had a fun sparkly sticker egg to decorate and a frosted cookie to eat. Here's Victoria's class gearing up for the big hunt.

Victoria really wasn't into the egg hunt. She wasn't as fast as most of them, so she gave up and was just swinging her basket around, showing everyone that it was empty. I'm not sure if she was looking for sympathy or what.

The teacher realized that she didn't have any eggs, so she started dropping them in extremely obvious places for her to pick up. Finally, some eggs and a smile.

Bella's egg hunt was much different than Victoria's. She went in with guns blazing. (She was the first one into the playground when they announced "go".) She collected all twelve of her eggs plus more. She was so fast that all the pictures that I got of her collecting the eggs where of her back- except this one, taken when the hunt was over. She had a blast and was very proud of herself.

Toward the end of her egg hunt, Bella noticed that Victoria's class was playing on the playground next to hers, so she called her over to examine the loot.

Later that day, Bella had her class party. They were given a neat giant pinwheel flower with a picture of themselves. It was inserted into a decorative cup filled with coco puffs and gummy worms. They also made a cool cross out of buttons.
Easter is a tough holiday to explain to kids. Victoria has been asking me a lot about dying lately. Tonight she even said she wanted to play Jesus and die on a cross. But she tells me "don't worry I'll come back to life in three days too."

Monday, April 6, 2009

Do you know where your kids are?

We've had a fun and exhausting weekend! Friday night my parents came by for talking and Tilapia. Saturday, we went to a friends birthday party and rode horses- FUN! Later that night we went to eat with Grandma Carol and Grandpa Dick at Buca de Beppo (Jer's all time favorite restaurant). Sunday we went to church and then patio furniture shopping for the entire day. We ended up buying Jer some beige sling-back recliners with black iron for his upcoming birthday present. Later our neighbors Jay, Julie, and Braelyn came over for Taco soup and enchiladas. (Julie brought the yummy soup made with 1 can of beer.) Today I went grocery shopping with Bella, after dropping Victoria off at school. When we get home, I put the groceries away and Bella says she's going to go play in her bedroom. I take this to mean that she needs to go poop in private. After cleaning up, I go check on Bella- it's just to quiet in that bedroom... and this is what I find...

Victoria's first horse ride. She loved it!

Bella's first horse ride. She loved it too!

Bella's star from Face Painting.

Mommy and Victoria take a buggy-drawn pony ride.

Daddy and Bella ride one too.

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