Monday, July 2, 2007

Sometimes all I need is the air that I breath and to love you

Do not read this if you have a weak stomach.
What a day! I debated tittling this blog as "the worst day ever" or my mantra- "sometimes all I need is the air that I breath and to love you"- I think I've probably sung that line to myself over and over today maybe 100 times- not lying. It started out when Jer left for work and I looked at the kitchen with dirty dishes, the living room with bags that needed to be unpacked from our trip to Aunt Barb and Uncle Jerry's lake house (FUN-boat rides, food, and most important family), the bathroom that desperately needed cleaned, the kids that needed fed (but were refusing to eat) and the rest of the house that just plain needs to be cleaned. I finally got 1/4 of a piece of toast down Victoria and got her dressed for the day. She told me that she wanted to wear big girl panties. Yes, I thought. I tried as best as I could to stick to our schedule- it's really pretty loose and flexible- Breakfast, Listen to Kiddie Music while doing Chores (my clean up time) Outdoor time (took the kids for a short wagon ride) Art (colored with texture plates and crayons), Lunch, ... and then this is were all hell broke loose. Up until know we had had a fairly successful if not hectic day- 3 pees in the potty, 2 accidents... And then the words- I need to go poop. I grab Victoria's hand and we run to the restroom. I take down her panties and see she's already started- it's OK- I'll just put her on the potty to finish. Then I turn around and realize, as we've been running, poop has been falling out of her panties. I run into the living room only to find ... SCREAMMMMM .... Bella with two hands covered in poop and a mouth moving a mile a minute. I grab her and throw her in the sink and start to wash her off, and stick my finger in her mouth and expel most of what she was chewing on. I then realize this stuff is not coming off as easily as I would like- she needs a bath. I carry her to the bathroom, along the way, I check up on Victoria, who is now off the potty and crying. Poop is smeared all along the toilet rim. I grab her too and head for the bath. I draw the water and put both kids in. Victoria starts to do the pee pee dance and screams "I need to pee on the potty." I grab her without thinking and put her back on her potty, then run back to Bella- cause duh- she's in the bath tub (all is OK- she's just screaming). Then Victoria starts screaming. Then I start screaming and crying- Just go pee on the potty!!! Victoria comes back to the bath and asks, "Mommy why are you crying." The only thing I say is, in my calmest voice now, I'm sad, because I don't like cleaning up poop. (Well, it was the truth.) I clean both kids up, then bring them carefully back to their bedroom- watching out as to not step in the ten-twenty poop pellets along the way. I put Bella in her crib and Victoria on Bella's floor with a toy to occupy her, then shut the door, and begin the cleaning process that took 20 minutes- I won't go into details, but I did almost puke twice. After the cleansing, I check in on Victoria and Bella. I hold and rock both of them while singing my mantra- they both fall asleep. Today I honesty thought that I had lost it- thank goodness, it was short lived. There's always tomorrow. Ahhh, another potty training day. On a side note, she did go pee in the potty when I yelled that.

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