Friday, March 30, 2007


As I type this I can hear Victoria in her bedroom playing, instead of sleeping. I've already put her back in her bedroom for her nap 3 times. She is sneaky- the last time she was hiding behind the couch, as I checked my email and just happened to glance up. Today we walked to the park that is only 3 blocks from our house. We had to come home early though, because Victoria slid down a wet slide (it had rained last night) and refused to wear any pants or diaper from that momment on. Thank goodness we were the only ones at the park at that time, I can just hear other moms saying, "and there goes little naked girls' mom." Victoria and I also made a cool hat when Bella went down for her nap. We got the idea from her favorite cartoon, Curious George. Bella has had an awesome day today. She is on the verge of crawling amd likes to experiment on the ground. Yesterday while on all fours, she moved her two knees, and her butt fell under her- yes, now she can sit up. Within the last couple of days, she has also gotten her first tooth and can blow rasberries. It's my theory that getting teeth and accomplishing milestones go hand and hand- I ought to patten that.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Petting Zoo

We had a great time at the Owen's Farm with our friends Chris, Nikko, Marly, Patti, and Grayson! We saw horses, pot-belly pigs, turkeys, and roosters. We took a hay ride- Victoria hung onto me for dear life. We fed the Longhorns and the goats- Victoria once again was scared, but warmed up after 10 minutes. We ate P&J sandwiches and chocolate chip cookies at their picnic area. Afterward Victoria and Nikko played "Ring Around the Rosie" and ran everywhere. I highly recommend this place.

Cool Dudes and Hot Chics

My aunts Colleen and Peg came to visit me last week. We had so much fun! Half the time the we just lounged out on the back pato, since this Texas weather was spectacular (PA weather in single digits- perfect time to visit.) Victoria really had a blast- she played, and played, and played with them. They taught her some new words, like "cool dude", "hot chick", and my favorite "goof ball." We went to Reunion Area and WestEnd, ate way too much, and talked tons- what a great week! I so miss them- wish they were closer.

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