Monday, November 19, 2012

Fun with the Cousins

Josh and Renae drove down from Colorado to spend Thanksgiving week with the Lunn side. On Sunday after church we invited Mark and Julie (Jer's cousins on Dick's side) with their kids to come play and grill out. The kids had fun jumping on the trampoline and playing in the backyard.
Everyone loves bubbles.
In the afternoon we took the kids on a Razor ride around the block.
Bella and Chloe try to determine whose tongue is redder from the tea.
We enjoyed some happy times, with many more to come.

Monday, November 12, 2012

A Visit From Iowa and Other Stuff

Victoria has become very creative. The other day, she was outside playing quietly. I went to go check on her and saw that she had created her very own outdoor Barbie house, complete with a leaves blanket held together with tape, a vase with flowers, a barky walkway, a miniature fan, and a fireplace with snail shells.
The Iowa cousins came down to visit. The girls had a fun time playing dress up with Micheal Patrick. The adults had a great time playing games (I learned a new one called Frackle) and eating yummy foods. I was so glad everyone could help us out with our Halloween candy stash. 
Spiderman marries Bella, then they tried to hide in a chest, but couldn't close it. 
Playing Jedi.
Victoria (on her knees) teaches Micheal Patrick how to dance, or is it the other way around.
All tuckered out and needing Mom.
The next morning the kids made chalk people. MP was a little tired of drawing, so he decided to take a break after doing a leg of his chalk man.
We said goodbye to the Iowa folk and then found Carol and Dick's mover devices, that were turned into scooters and later a comfy chair using the girls car seats.
That night we went for a Solidarity Walk in our neighborhood. We walked from one end of the subdivision to the other (30 minutes) with all our neighbors to show our support against crime. Because it was so dark out a police car lead the way and we walked in the street. Some people even had Christmas lights up. At the end of the walk were food trucks and we had a nighttime picnic, then played on the playground.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Carving Pumpkins, Halloween, and Boosterthon

On Tuesday we carved our pumpkin. Victoria was really excited to use a knife this year. Bella did not enjoy the pumpkin insides.
We also made a scarecrow out of Jer's old pants, a shirt, Hulk hands, and a skeletal head.
Halloween was on a Wednesday this year and the weather was wonderful- 80 degrees. Bella was Merida from the movie Brave, and Victoria was a modern day Wonder Women in a pink costume.
We went to a neighborhood  Halloween party before the trick or treating. Then Daddy took the girls out, while I stayed home and sat outside with my next door neighbor Julie to hand out candies. We had a great Halloween.
 The next day was our school fund raiser called the Boosterthon Fun Run. I made the banners (about 12 feet by 4 feet) for both the girls' classes. Victoria was part of Team Fancy (her teacher loves Fancy Nancy books) and Bella was part of Carson's Cool Cats (okay, actually it was supposes to be Carson's Cool Kids, but I misunderstood- only Bella was the one who caught it.) The kids were suppose to run through them in the beginning of the race. Bella's class was first, but the second boy who ran through it didn't understand that he wasn't suppose to turn around after running through it and run back the other way- COLLISION with mild tears. So for the next race I held up the banner and the kids went under it; also the teacher asked me to preserve it so that she could hang it in the classroom. Both girls ran for the entire hour that we were outside. They both ran over 35 laps! (I'm glad I gave a flat donation.) 
The kids Bella plays with during recess- Nyahla and Kate
Victoria's close friend that she has been in class with and known for 2 years- Layla
I was inspired this past week to do a modern painting. It has texture and movement to it. Jer calls it the Coffee Tornado, but I kind of think of it as what the trip to heaven might look like. It's 2 feet by 4 feet and hanging in my kitchen.

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