Friday, October 30, 2009

Pumpkin Carving

My parents came over tonight and we ate some Papa Murphy pizza and carved pumpkins. We degutted the pumpkins outside. The girls were on the cold side and got their blankets to snuggle up in. Victoria and Bella even helped clean out the pumpkins some, but after a couple of handfuls of cold slimy seeds they were done. Jer and my Dad did an amazing job with their creations. We even roasted pumpkin seeds and watched The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. A great night!

Class Halloween Parties

Victoria's Halloween party

Victoria as Pocahantas.

Bella's Halloween party

Bella as Jasmin.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Very Good Day

The sun was out today and it was in the 60s! This is great weather. Victoria, Bella, and I goofed around in our PJs until mid morning, then went to the library to check out some books and attend their Story time- "Not So Very Scary Monsters." Afterward I read them their books and put Bella down for a nap, while I worked with Victoria some. I showed her how to sound out a couple of sight words and she got it! She even read me one of her library books that had about 10 repeated words in it with some help from me (words like peep, quack, bye, duck pond, and mew.) When Daddy came home she read him the same book, this time without any help. What I was most impressed about was that she actually sounded out the word "stay". I'm very proud of Victoria. At bedtime I let the girls stay up some because they were so good today. After a couple of minutes, I began to wonder- why is it so quite? What are the girls doing? I walk into their bedroom and they're both sitting quietly reading.

Funny Bella story- after supper, Jer and I were in the computer room talking. Victoria comes running in and jumps under my legs.
Me- what are you doing?
V- hiding!
Me- from who?
V- Bella!
Me- why?
V- she's coming to cut my panties off!
Me- what!? Bella, no cutting your sisters panties! (With hand over my mouth, trying hard not to laugh- I never thought I'd hear myself say that.)

I go out in the kitchen to see Bella with scissors in hand standing next to my plant with 10-15 leaves at her feet. Needless to say I took the scissors. The plant and Victoria are doing fine now.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Colleen and Mark Visit Texas

My Aunt Colleen and Uncle Mark came to visit us for a whole week. They flew in from Ebensburg, Pennsylvania. I'm very impressed with my uncle who had his first plane trip ever. We had so much fun gabbing and seeing Texas. Our first outing was to the State Fair of Texas. Howdy Big Tex!
Uncle Mark is a huge football fan and was excited to see the Cotton Bowl. We even took a 30 minute tour of the place.
I was pretty amazed at how big it was. It can seat 100, ooo people- WOW!
Victoria and Bella enjoyed the tour too, except for different reasons. They got to play "Ring Around the Rosie" on the field goal post.
The girls got to be part of a Mini Rodeo. I was glad that Bella really wanted to do this, because I don't think Victoria would have gone out there all by herself. They gave the girls a number on their back, a cowboy hat, and a wooden stick horse, then paraded them out into the rodeo. They sectioned all the kids off into groups. One group rode a wooden stick bull to music. My girls group tipped over a fake cow. Victoria was a little timid at first, but after some cheering, she accomplished her goal.
Bella ran out and tipped it in record time. Both girls won blue award ribbons.
The girls rode the carousel and some nameless fish ride. Uncle Mark won each girl a little red stuffed dog playing darts, and we tried tons of "not so good for you food"- Texas Cheddar Fries, Sausage on a Stick, Country Fried Bacon, Nachos, Fried Peanut Butter Praline, and Fried Oreo. (We did not try the Fried Butter, but thought about it.) Bella liked the corn on a stick best.

After the fair, we stopped by a place that Mark wanted to visit- Coyote Ugly. (I had no idea that that was in Dallas.) Funny thing though- it was closed down, but Jer and Mark pretended to have a drink there anyway.

Colleen got some really cute pictures of my kids. Yes, these are Colleen's pictures because I haven't quite figured out how to upload my pictures to our new computer, so I just used the disk that she gave me. Check this picture out of Bella entitled "I don't know?"

Why is it that my kid always manages to get naked and be a "boy Indian" when company comes over? I even bought her a bunch of cute costumes for her birthday last week, including a neat Pocahontas garb with dress and moccasins, and she still prefers the "boy Indian".

Okay, she does make a cute "boy Indian".

The best part of Colleen and Mark's stay was the down time, talking, and cuddling.

I felt really bad about the weather during their trip. I was telling them how wonderful Texas weather in October usually is, however, it was damp and cold with no sun the entire trip, except for the one day at the fair where they got to experience the muggy hotness of Texas. (Funny, this week it's 70 and sunny.) Go figure. Colleen took a dreary picture of the girls and me at their school in their pumpkin patch.

On Saturday we traveled to Fort Worth and rode a miniature train ride for 45 minutes in the cold. The best part was the warm popcorn at the half way stop. Then we had lunch at the Botanical Gardens- the rose section. Our next stop was the Stockyards. I was pretty surprised by how nice they have everything set up like old town Texas. They had cowboys on horses every 20 feet, old fashioned buildings, a jail, great shopping, bull riding, and delicious food. I liked the taffy and original Dr. Pepper with cane sugar. We even got to witness a real Cattle Drive.
Victoria and Mom pose beside a sign that has her name on it. I accidentally fell into the sign as Colleen snapped the picture and fell over- that's why I'm holding onto Victoria so tightly.
We ate at a really neat BBQ restaurant that had great ribs and BBQ brisket sandwiches. The Northerners had never tried that before, and liked it.
Victoria loves her ribs.
The guys couldn't resist the bull. I am rolling looking at this picture of Uncle Mark.
Although this is probably Jer's most graceful picture, don't let that fool you, he had a hard time hanging on too.
On the way home from Fort Worth, we took a fast side trip to show them the Mustangs at Las Colinas.
On Sunday, my Mom came over to watch the kids (thanks Mom!!!) while Colleen, Mark, Jer, my Dad, and I went out to a couple of hot spots in the Big D and a Mavs game. My favorite place was the Gingerman- that was an old college hangout that I went to some 10 plus years ago.
Jer and Mark admire the different beers on the wall.
Colleen and I enjoy a cigar. (I hadn't had one of these since college and it kept going out, but it tasted good with a beer and an awesome aunt:)

The Mavs beat the opposing team (shows you how much of a sports fanatic I am) and it was a great night.
I wish Colleen and Mark lived closer. We had so much fun! And I have so much to learn from Aunt Colleen- pictures, quilting, smoking a cigar:), etc. Can't wait until our next meeting!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Bella's 3rd Birthday

This weekend we celebrated Bella turning three. She brought chocolate chip cookies to school on Friday, as her friends sang her Happy Birthday. She got to wear a big proud birthday hat. Her teachers, Mrs. Barbara and Mrs. Angie gave her big birthday hugs- she loves them!

On Saturday we had an animal party over at our house. All the kids got to have their faces painted like animals. Bella was a cat. Marlee was a tiger. Victoria, Chloe, and Nicco were butterflies. And Caleb was Spiderman:)

Bella was in heaven having both sets of grandparents in the house at the same time- talk about extra TLC!

After some face painting and dancing, we played "The Animals Have Escaped the Zoo Last Night- It's Your Job to Find Them (in the backyard) And Put Them Back in Their Cages." Victoria finds an animal by the fence.

Bella takes a break to swing with her party favor.

We played "Red Light, Green Light" next. I had them line up against the back fence as I called out orders. I kept them on their toes shouting "Red Light!" and making them freeze.

I love that Victoria and Chloe were holding hands during this game.

Bella even got a turn shouting out "Red Light!"

The gang ate pizza and grapes while watching Curious George on TV.

We sang Happy Birthday to Bella with an animal cupcake cake.

Bella picked out a pink cupcake and of coarse only licked off the icing then said she was done.

Bella was smiling the whole day. I think she had a wonderful time. Today she told me- I love birthday parties! I can't believe my little angle is three.

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