Monday, November 4, 2013


 The neighborhood kids all wound up going together to trick or treating.
 Bella's best friend Austin.
 My two zombie princesses.
 Victoria's best friend Laila.
Bella's classmates Addison and Ella.

Iowa folk

We had a wonderful visit from the Iowa folk this past weekend. The girls enjoyed playing with Michael Patrick, while the adults talked and got caught up.
Victoria was super excited when Michael Patrick got to come eat lunch with her at school.
The next day we went to a pumpkin patch that had a bounce house, maze, and tons of pumpkins.
Jer picked out a warty pumpkin and all the kids took turns daring each other to kiss it.
One of the days we went bowling. The kids had fun hiding under the tables.
Victoria was a little tired from staying up late the night before. 
Bella bowls a strike and does a victory dance of her own.
I bowled my first game of over 100 on my first round of bowling (hasn't happened in a very long time); the second round wasn't so kind to me. I was actually in first place that first round.
We carved pumpkins over at Carol and Dick's house.

Jer tried a saw to see if it was any easier- verdict- NO!
Jer accidentally ended up cutting himself pretty good; we debated going to the hospital. But I think the end product speaks for itself.
"Want an apple dearie!"

 A very good trip! See you soon!

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