Monday, August 18, 2014

Carol and Cindy Birthdays

We celebrated Carol and my birthdays this past weekend with a delicious Mudslide cake! Victoria and Bella made the pretty pink birthday poster behind us. They also sang us the cutest song that they made up themselves called, "You're chilling! You're popping!" Earlier that day we ate lunch at Gloria's. (We love their black beans.) Carol and I then went shopping at Steinmart and bought each other our birthday presents. I got her an decorative egg platter and placemats and she got me a cute yellow lightweight cardigan, white swim pants, and a dress (gotta love the red dot clearance with extra 40% off coupons!) It was a wonderful birthday.

Miscellanious Summer Pictures

Here are a couple of random pictures of some of the things we've been up to this summer.
 Bentley came over and the girls jumped on the trampoline while having a water fight to cool down.
 Bella enjoyed making her food into letters. She turned her breakfast cereal into an "O" and her sandwich and cucumber into a "B" for Bella.

It was actually a pretty tame summer this year. We had a couple of 100 degree days, but the majority were pleasantly in the 90s. We also saw some much needed rain that cooled things off considerably.

One of our friends Mike Marowski raved about this new flavor of Blue Bell ice cream called Krazy Kolors, so we bought a gallon to try. It was florescent yellow with colorful confetti type balls of dough mixed into it. Very SUGARY! The kids loved it; the adults, not so much.
We kept trying to pawn it off on any kids we could find. We finally finished the gallon with the help of the Smith kids.

I went out with my Zumba friends Reva and Julie. We celebrated Reva's birthday at Pizzeria Testa. We had a wonderful Tiramisu on the house.

Go Cowboys!

Victoria and Bella bling out their new purses from Aunt Colleen. Victoria added a bejeweled dragon fly and Bella added a bejeweled letter B.
Lots of library time!

Kate and Abby spent the night. We watched movies, ate brownies and popcorn, and stayed up late.

 In the morning we had the whole neighborhood pool to ourselves.
Building a fort.

Guess who fell asleep in the fort?
Ice Cream at Racetrack

We meet Darla and Colleen's girls up at the pool. They made a damn by sitting in the current, then would stand up and jump off once the water started to spill over.

Braelyn turns 7 and had a Princess party.

We went to the ACTS family BBQ up at church. The girls got their faces painted and balloons. I won a bottle of wine and a Polish candy dish in the silent auction. Jer was super busy the whole two days before it making the brisket for it. Then he was MC for the event.

Build A Bear

Lake Ray Roberts

Memorial Weekend 2009

Brothers Visit

Christmas '08

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