Thursday, June 27, 2013

Peter and Lauren and Fathers Day

 Peter and Lauren came to see us on Fathers Day for a couple of hours. We went to church, ate some Rudy's tacos, then came back to our house and let the kids play. Bella was so enamored with Peter, even during church she couldn't stop touching him. Although I have to say he is so utterly CUTE! These pictures say it all.

 He reminds me so much of my brother paul when je was little.

 Later that day we went over to Carol and dick's to have a Father's Day dinner.
 Jer stands on his tip toes to be oh so much taller then Dick.
What good looking fathers!

May & June

I haven't made a blog entry in quite a while, because quite frankly, I've been pooped! The end of the school year was quite stressful and so much was going on that I am very grateful for summer vacation with my kids and that's just what we have been doing- being on vacation (a vacation from my blog and anything that requires too much thought :). So here's a montage of pictures from my cell phone and camera that I've just downloaded.
Bella helped read the morning announcements of the school TV show. She did an awesome job reading the lunch menu. It was Crazy Pajama day up at school and she wore Grandma Carol's old glasses (without the glass parts).
 One day after school it was getting so hot, I was happy to use the water guns that I bought for summer. The kids had a wonderful time shooting each other and I tried to avoid getting my cell phone wet while I was taking a picture.
 Victoria's birthday shirt that she wore to school.
 Victoria's cute outfit that Grandma Carol bought her.
 Mrs. Carson (Bella's teacher) sent this home with a note saying how touched she was. Bella wrote: My best friend is 38 years old. She is Mrs. Carson. She is very nice. She is my best teacher. I love her. She is the best. The End. Love, Bella
 Mustache Day up at school. They had a different theme each day of the week- crazy wig, wear camouflage, etc. Mustache Day was the only day I remembered 5 minutes before running out the door with car pool duty. Luckily I'm pretty handy with a magic marker.
One day Victoria had a Girl Scout Overnight Party, so Jer and I took Bella to the mall to look around. While we were there she said she wanted her ears pierced. I've always told my girls that I'll take them to get there ears pierced whenever they say they want it done (mainly because I didn't think it was going to be until much later- they're so scared of even a shot.) I guess because Bella didn't have Victoria (who tends to be more scared then Bella) that she decided to get it done then, so... I was extremely proud of how brave she was, no tears, crying, anything, just a quick little shocked look, then complete and utter happiness as she gushed over her new earrings. All night and the next day she had to keep checking her earrings out.
After the mall we went to a Frisco Rough Rider game. As we were sitting eating dinner we saw a familiar face on the big screen TV introducing the baseball players- our neighbor boy Austin and his family were also there, along with half our neighborhood. We let the kids play together while the adults chatted over a beer. Unfortunately the Rough Riders lost big that night- 11-1, but it was such a fun night!

Victoria had fun Glamping (glamorous camping at a hotel) with the Girl Scouts too! They went swimming, played games, ate pizza, stayed up late sharing secrets, and had a big pancake breakfast the next morning. These are Victoria's pictures from her Glamping Trip that her troop leaders sent us. 
I was also very proud of my daughter Victoria, who when we went to pick her up from her Glamping excursion  that her response to Bella's new earrings where complete happiness for her sister. (I breathed a sigh of relief, not knowing if she'd feel hurt.) Later that day Victoria did ask to get her ears done too, so we made another trip to the mall.
 This year I was room mom for both Victoria and Bella's classes. I was in charge of the class parties, gifts, and end of the year stuff, among other things. I wasn't really thinking when I signed up to do both, because how can you be in two places at once during the class parties, so I had to get other parents to help, which was hard at times. Next year I'm doing just one! I made these cute End of the Year bags with the students (they each wrote their name and did a thumbprint that looked like themselves). They were excited to give it to them at their class parties.

 We took swim lessons this year again with our favorite swim instructor Mrs. Stacy. The girls really have soared in their abilities. Victoria's breast stroke is amazing! She picked it up the first day and mastered it the second. She can really go super fast now. She even told her teacher she wants to go to the Olympics. I laughed. Baby strokes... :) I'm debating putting her on swim team next year.
 On the first day of Swim class it started raining, class was canceled and rescheduled, but that didn't stop my girls from having fun in their bathing suits.

This year I taught Victoria's Vacation Bible school class. There were eighteen 3rd grade kids who enjoyed learning about their faith, singing fun songs, playing outside games like tug-a-war or splashing in the water, eating snacks, doing crafts, and making new friends.
 Victoria made two very close friends Kristi and Giada. They called themselves the Three Amigos, and later nicknamed each girl "peanut" "butter" and "jelly". We have even had a play date with one and made chocolate chip cookies.
It has been a very fun slow paced summer thus far, just the way I like it.

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