Thursday, May 31, 2007

Working at the Car Wash, Baby

I had such a wonderful time today. I went out with my Christie buds (I miss them- thank goodness for summers) and went rollerskating. I sooo could never be a Sonic waitress- I was all over the place. I felt like I was that passenger on an airline that bumps into everyone. Victoria and Bella had a great time too. Bella couldn't stop smiling the whole time AND she was in the stroller the whole time- a first for her. Victoria was beeboping with Nico to all the songs. I got a good workout- I'm exhausted and thinking of going to bed early tonight.

Potty Training Stinks- No Pun Intended

I'm going crazy!!! Why do we need to potty train? It's more about Mommy learning the skillful art of patience, routine, and voice control, then Victoria actually screaming "I did it", even when she doesn't. This has been the second week of attempting to use the potty- when she wakes up, when she naps, when she goes to bed, after she eats or drinks, and numerous times in between. The real joy is when Bella joins in on the fun (the gracious crwler she is now) and comes full force at Victoria on the potty. Although I do have to say, on Tuesday, Victoria went twice on the potty. However, on Wednesday- nada. I'm almost tempted to take her pullups off and let her pee in the house (I've heard they learn fast this way)- almost- we'll give it another week.

I've got a couple of cute stories. Last Saturday, I went out with my friends Anne (Happy 32rd!- great time). I put on an amazing dress, looked and felt like a real woman, and danced with Victoria before I left. As I was on the way out the door, I realized that I needed some money, so I asked Jer for some. As he was looking through his wallet, out runs Victoria from her bedroom with her piggy bank in hand and says "Here Mama." She melts my heart!

Story two- this morning I was outside with the girls on the deck. I decided it was time to go inside, so I picked up Bella with one hand and my coffee in the other hand. When I got to the backdoor, I had a desicion to make on how to open the door- find a place to put down the coffee (which would have been back on the deck) or put the coffee in the same hand I'm holding Bella (it was cold coffee by now, so what's the worse that could happen?) I chose door number two. At the exact same moment that I put the coffee in my other hand Bella decides to puke into the cup. Upon retelling this story to my friend Chris, she asks "So did you drink the coffee? Are you a real Mom?" No, I'm no real Mom, not until I train my daughter how to pee on the potty- talk to me in a week.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Victoria's Birthday

Last weekend was Victoria's birthday. I think she had fun. Although it was a pool party, she didn't get in the pool. Her cousin Tanner brought over his giant bouncy water slide and he went down it fast and fun! Yet still, Victoria won't budge when we asked her to go down it. The family, all 18 of us, Victoria's best friend Nico, and his parents, and Victoria's God parents Gary and Deb, all took in the celebration. We had pizza and cupcakes. Victoria passed out the chips and cokes to all her guests. What a little hostess! I can't believe how old she is. She's my little girl, but... it's really true that time goes by so fast.

Friday, May 4, 2007

My favorite sound

My favorite sound is when Victoria shouts "I can do it!" She was eating peaches yesterday and shouted "I can do it!" I looked and all her peaches were gone- she had eaten them all with her fork, and not her hands, a first for her. Then today she put her puzzle together all by herself and shouts "Hurray! I can do it!" It melts my heart.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007


I'm going crazy! For the past two days the kids are being really bad. I think they're both teething- Victoria has a low grade fever and is acting wild and just plain mean (hitting her sister, then running away) and wants to be held all the time. Bella is also acting weird- crying hard most times, uncharacteristic of her, and also wanting to be held all the time (although it might just be that she learned how to really crawl and stand and is going through seperation anxiety.) You think I'd be okay caring two kids, but they're heavy and it feels awkward. Not to mention, feeding them has become a nightmare- Victoria refuses to eat much and cries and whines. Bella keeps grabbing the spoon from me at every bite and wants to do it herself (talk about messy!) They're bizarre behaviors have manifested themselves into more trouble than this mom feels confident handling. Read on. Yesterday, I was sitting on the toilet with the door open (of coarse), when Victoria comes darting in and grabs her little white toilet seat that fits on top of the big toilet seat. Then quickly darts out again. I finish my business and wash my hands and walk into the hall when... in all my dreams about being a mother, I never heard myself saying this before... "Victoria, get the toilet seat off of Bella's head! The toilet is not a necklace!" I so deserve a night out.

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