Sunday, March 31, 2013


This morning the girls got to look at their baskets before we went to 7 am mass. I told them that they could as long as they got changed into the dress clothes before coming downstairs.
They showed me what the Easter bunny left them. I think their favorite thing was either the giant chocolate bunny or the Barbie water toy that they played with for an hour in the bath tub later that day (talk about prune fingers.)
Victoria has been very proud of herself for getting ready in the morning. She brushes her own hair and loves to wear a little "lipstick" (chap stick tinted pink) on the weekends. They both had on beautiful Easter dresses (Victoria's dresses from last year-but she really hasn't grown, so...), however it had stormed the night before and there was rain in the forecast, so they wore their pink galoshes and boots to church with their dresses- I wish I had gotten a picture, but we were running late.
During church another round of storms came and we had to make a run for it to the car. We still got drenched even with an umbrella, so the girls changed into play clothes. We invited Dan, Darcy, Kate, Abby, Carol, and Dick to our house after church for breakfast.
I created an Easter egg scavenger hunt for the kids. They took turns reading the clues to the next of ten eggs. (i.e- a place that's 32 degrees, or a mouse that is not chased by a cat, or a place where you put letters.) The last clue led to an Easter egg filled with chocolates for each of the girls. I think they had fun, but I also think they had fun just jumping on the trampoline and collecting "fairy shells" (snail shells) in the backyard, while the adults got to chat.
After a very long bath (and playing) the girls changed into their Easter pajamas, ate some super, then got to take a crack at their giant bunnies.
a very good Easter

Monday, March 25, 2013

V & B Wed, Hillbilly Smile & Monet Painting Party

One of their favorite things to do is play Wedding. Bella usually wins on who gets to be the bride. During Spring Break they wanted me to facilitate their marriage ceremony. Victoria is holding up a yellow pipe cleaner that she made into a ring.
Playing priest/photographer was fun, especially when you got to see these two precious faces.
Victoria finally lost her top front tooth. (Bella who is a year and a half younger has lost both of hers.)  She lost it in school and I didn't notice until half way home from after school car pickup... and when I did I had to do a double take. What a different face she has now! We went to gymnastics afterward and she was so proud of herself and showing everyone. She even showed Coach Bethany who said if she wanted to she could go buy a new tooth at Walmart for the one she had lost (in joking.) And Victoria's quick reply was "no thanks; I'll just grow my own."
Although I don't think this face will look like this for very long. She can already move her other top tooth clear across her mouth using her tongue. Grandma Carol told Victoria that she would give her $5 if she let her pull it. Victoria would have none of that. (Truth be said, I think she really likes the attention of having a hillbilly smile.)
On Saturday night I taught some of my Zumba friends how to paint in Monet's Water Lillies style. I taught them how to Tache (French word for touch, basically using a flat edge brush, just as the Impressionists did- since it was invented then, touch the canvas in your style brushstrokes.) 
My caring friend Reva had delicate and precise small stokes.
My sweat friend Sarah had almost blended and intricate brushstrokes.
My adventurous friend Denise had bold and colorful brushstrokes.
I love how their pieces turned out! (one of the best feelings as a teacher.) 
 Highlights from the night included listening to Denise's music of Narnia, Reva's delicious spicy meatballs, drinking wine and gabbing with a great bunch of gals.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

South Padre

 Jer had a meeting in Harlingen (a hour away from South Padre) on that Monday, so we went to South Padre for Spring Break. The weather was beautiful- in the 70s and sunny. There was a lot of wind though and the ocean temperature was a little too cold for my taste. We enjoyed running on the beach and playing in the waves.
Victoria liked doing cartwheels in the waves.
We collected seashells every morning. Victoria pretended to be a mermaid with long seaweed for hair.
We also stayed at the Hotel Schlitterbahn.
Where are you? Victoria and Bella show where they are with their Barbie dolls on the map.
Although they enjoyed playing in the ocean, with the wind blowing it got cold fast. I think they're favorite place to play was the "Hot Water Pool." The hotel also had a small water park with an indoor and outdoor Wave Pool and Lazy River and water slides. However, the Hot Pool was a constant 85 degrees and felt great to swim in after the cool water of the beach.
A "thumbs up" experience.
tuckered out
building sand castles on the beach
Jer bought a Skim board and tried his hand at it. I didn't think it looked too difficult so I tried too. On my very first attempt, I fell hard on my butt and stayed down for about two minutes. It really knocked the wind out of me and left me for the rest of the vacation with a swagger to my walk.
Every morning we ate at the resorts restaurant that overlooked the ocean. After breakfast, we watched the girls play on the boardwalk in the sand, while we sipped coffee.
And where do you hide your seashells?

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Friends and Oscar Party

We had a "Get Rid of Our Girl Scout Cookies" Party one Saturday night. Mike and Amy and Gary and Deb came over for super. The kids (Katie Joe and Nathan, V&B) put on a play for us and drug all their props downstairs- there was singing, dancing, and swordplay. Later Denise and Dave stopped by too. We tried all the different Girl Scout cookies.
The next night was Eric's Oscar party. We were dressed for the red carpet, note Jer's top hat and monocle. It was a fun night, but I don't remember much as I had a bad head cold. February was the month of sickness- Bella and Victoria were swapping their colds, then later I caught the flu. I'm crossing my fingers that March finds us all well.

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