Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Colleen's Gift

My Aunt Colleen mailed the girls a Christmas present. It was the neatest purses that looked like Santa hats made out of snazzy pink shiny sequins. She's just so creative! Too cute! The purse also had many uses- a purse, a hat, or later, a pet carrier. Thank you Aunt Colleen- you truly amaze me.


Look what Santa left! Funny thing- the girls chose Christmas to sleep in. Usually they are up at seven, by the latest. On Christmas morning, I woke up at 6:30 and waited. Finally at 8, I decided it was best to wake the girls up, so that we would have enough time for opening presents before mass. I also decided to get them dressed before they saw the presents and would want to play instead of changing clothes. So at 8:15 this is the sight they saw.

This year Bella asked Santa for a kitty cat- thank goodness it was a for a fake one.

Victoria wanted a panda Pillow Pet.

Bella also wanted an electric guitar.

Victoria waits patiently while Daddy tries to assemble a Tinkerbell fingernail kit.

Victoria also enjoyed playing with the guitar.

Daddy got Zov-way-las (not sure how to spell this, but that's how it sounds.) It is an instrument that was popular at the world soccer matches.

I knew Victoria would love this gift. It is designer notebooks with stencils. She can design her own dresses and even hand tattoos.

I asked her if she liked it and she gave it a thumbs up. In this picture you can also see the World Map floor puzzle, which moments earlier she stated with an innocent frown, "I didn't ask for this."

It was funny to watch Victoria really like playing with Bella's gifts. Luckily, the dog present had two dogs in a pink carrying case and Bella told Victoria she could have one. I was so happy Bella chose to share with Victoria- a proud moment.
And here Bella is playing with Victoria's Barbie kitchen. Ahhhh, the joy of having two girls about the same age. I hope this sharing mode lasts a long time- fingers crossed.
The girls had a great time opening and playing with their presents.

My parents came over after mass for tamales and chili. We exchanged presents, and watched Elf (a new family favorite Christmas movie.)

Merry Christmas! Now to go play with some toys.

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve we went over to Carol and Dick's house to celebrate Christmas. It was a full day of laughing, talking, unwrapping presents, eating, and enjoying each others company.
The girls toast "Merry Christmas!" to each other.
What a scrumptious meal! Ham, potatoes, asparagus, olives, and rolls.
"We only get one shot this year." I proclaim as I hit my timer and make a run for the couch. This was not the shot I envisioned... but hey, it's family ;)

Opening the stockings.

The favorite stocking stuffers were these little stuffed animals. Caleb loved his Gingerman, Bella loved her Monkey, and Victoria loved her Hello Kitty one.
The hit toy- Victoria got a Karaoke machine from Grandma. The girls wouldn't get off of it for the rest of the night.

Shake your groove thing! (Notice Victoria's shoulder shake.)
"Thank you for coming! And a Merry Christmas to you all! Drive home safely."

D & D's House

We went over to Dave and Denise's house to celebrate Christmas. We exchanged some presents, ate some yummy chili, chatted, and relaxed.
Jerry holds up an Iowa State Monopoly game. He he he :)
Denise likes her new towel warmer.
The girls look stylish with Sally's old purse and hats.
A great night!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


My friend, Jeremy's Aunt Sally died today from lung cancer. I sit here with a glass of Asti and dark chocolates, just the way she would have liked it. I remember playing great Trivia games with her that lasted way too long. I remember when I was in college and had very little money, she gave me some of her old fancy clothes for my upcoming job interviews. I remember her giving Victoria a big beautiful helium butterfly balloon for her 1st birthday- that was her favorite present that year as she toted it throughout the house on a string. I remember her singing to my kids and their cousins when they were little, my kids loved "This is the Way the Ladies Ride Early in the Morning" with the special effects of bouncing them on her lap. Sally was always a lucky lady at the race track or at cards; every time I went with her she won big. Sally always spoke her mind and wasn't afraid of much- she had a grit to her, and I liked her for it. She was real. When I went to go see her at the nursing home, she held my hand and told me she was ready to die and go be with her Mother Max in heaven. I know she is. I'll miss her.

Fa La La La La

It's been very busy around here lately. Here's a small sampling of what's been going on.
For an Advent calender activity I thought it would be fun to camp in the living room. Jer took this idea and ran with it- "let's camp outside." So he set up a tent in he backyard. The girls loved it. They played in the tent all day. Then night time came with temperatures in the 30s... didn't happen. By the way where was I you ask? Inside the house in front of the fireplace with blankets ready to hand out when the campers came in.
We made a gingerbread house one day with one slight flaw- we should have hired a better roofer.
It's all good. We turned our gingerbread house into gingerbread teepees.

The kids have been playing a lot of dress up now that they are off of school for 2 weeks. Yesterday Victoria came down the stairs in her Daddy's old suit stating that she was King Daddy. Bella came down next as the Queen. They have been changing into different costumes at least 3 times a day.

Today Renae, Caleb, Chloe, Keira, and Carol came by our house. I got to play art teacher again. We made clay angels. They turned out cute. Caleb, however, didn't want to make an angel; he wanted a Mario guy (from the video game). So his Mom helped make his. Victoria's is the lower left angel and Bella's angel is right above hers. Chloe's angel is the bottom right, and Keira's angel is above hers (helped with Grandma's loving hands.) Afterward we played a game of Creationary- it's a Lego game where you make things and other people try to guess what you made. We had a lot of fun!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Victoria's Holiday Party

Last Friday was Victoria's holiday party. She decorated a Christmas cookie- (Yeah I said it- Christmas!!! Merry Christmas!- and that's what I told the teacher too;)
Yummy! It was so funny to watch all the different kids and how they decorated their cookies. One boy dumped mountains of sprinkles on his cookie, some meticulously put their sprinkles on with their fingers. Victoria approach was to sprinkle and spread red sprinkles on her tree- because "that's our Christmas tree at home- red."
They made some reindeer feed (oatmeal and gold sprinkles) to put out on our lawn to guide the reindeer to our house on Christmas. Later, Victoria got cold and wanted to wear my jacket- "I want to be just like Mommy." (Loved it.)
They had a neat book exchange, where the room mom read a poem about snowmen, and every time she said the word snowmen the kids had to pass their book to the right.
Victoria ended up with another Toy Story 3 book (Bella got one at her party.) I guess I'm going to have to take them to see the movie now :)

After the party, we drove to Chris's house and picked up Bella, but not before letting the kids run off some sugar.
Ahhhhhhh. Good friends.
Merry Christmas!

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