Wednesday, October 10, 2007


So I thought... she's one now, surely she can paint with us without putting things in her mouth? Think again! Yesterday we painted with tempra paints. Victoria loved it. Bella had the problem- she wanted to eat and hold the paint bottles. Thank goddness they make nontoxic paints. Learned my lesson.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Just as soon as you think "easy sailing", there's a "bump in the road." I was finally bragging that Victoria was wearing nothing but panties for the last 2 weeks, then all of a sudden, at the doctor's office yesterday, yet another fun accident. I chalked it up as an accident, but as soon as we came home, she had 3 more accidents, and then one more this morning. What's up with this? Oh well. We'll keep trying. Everyone is finally well at my house, can't say the same for my folks or Grandma Carol. I'm hoping we didn't give our germs to them.

Bella celebrated her one year birthday this weekend. Since it was also cousin Tessa's 3 years, we mixed the parties at Quinn's house and had a Curious George style party. Bella seemed to have fun, although she was not really herself, as she was getting over a painful yeast infection caused by the antibiotics she's on to get rid of her ear infection. Tessa really seemed to have fun, especially with her new dinosaurs. I can't believe Bella is turning into a little girl. She's taking more steps at a time, saying more words- bear, bath, just started kissing- sweat, and has taken on her facial features that I'm sure she'll have when she's older. Oh, I'm missing my little baby. But I'm welcoming my beautiful little girl.

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