Sunday, January 4, 2015


 The girls dressed up for 50's day at school.
November was a time to cuddle in warm blankets and watch some TV.

Bella enjoys a picnic lunch with her good friend Jace at her field trip to the Heritage Museum.
Memories from Thanksgiving
We went to Colorado Springs to see the cousins and Josh and Renae. The first 2 days we went skiing. The kids did great- this is the first year that they are actually about the same, or better then me, in terms of skiing. They went down a couple of blues. However the cold weather made for unhappy skiers on day 2 and we traveled back to Josh and Renae's house.

 One night after skiing we ate pizza and played 4 way Pacman on an old video game.
I went to Renae's chemo treatment- her third to last one. The cancer is gone- Praise God! But she still needs to finish her chemo, which leaves her weak for a couple of days after the treatment. She is such a strong amazing sister-in-law. I have learned so much from her and am proud to call her a friend.
 I did the girls' nails in different styles- polka dots, watermelons, etc.
 Thanksgiving dinner

 Caleb and his build-a-bear.
 Dinner at a hibachi restaurant. All the reds took a pic, then the blondes. It was a fun place where the chef threw broccoli into our mouths and even squirted Sake into the guys mouths.

 A walking trail by their house.

 Chloe took us to her gym that she trains for open play. She showed us how to practice back flips on 3/4 circles.
 She also showed us how to sprain her ankle in the foam pit- it was during this jump that it happened.

 Grandpa Dick and Grandma Carol met us at Josh and Renae's house in Colorado for Thanksgiving. We also celebrated Christmas together and exchanged gifts.

 All the kids created place mats (turkey hands) and wrote a positive attribute of each other, then we signed a group place mat with our signatures.
 We made a gingerbread house.
 Although the funniest part was shooting icing into each others mouths.

 We bought matching Frozen nightgowns for the girls. And yes, they did do a song and dance for us. Love them!
 One of the coolest toys they got for Christmas was laser guns. They gleefully chased each other around the house.
One night we had fun playing Pictionary. I was super impressed that one of our kids (can't remember who now) was able to draw a picture of an atom and us adults were able to guess it.

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