Monday, January 5, 2015

Christmas with the Lunns

We had a very low key Christmas this year. We celebrated with Dick and Carol, they came to our house to exchange gifts. I purchased the turkey meal from Market Street- it was very good. (Everyone loved the sides, but not the dressing. Most people thought the turkey was just okay- I really liked it though. I think next year I'll just order the sides and do the turkey myself.)
 Bella played a joke on her grandparents by hiding under the presents before they came in.

 Victoria was super excited to give her Dad a book about their latest obsession Minecraft.
 Carol and Dick gave the girls Snowman poop. LOL

 Victoria made Carol a photo book of her favorite pictures.

 I think the girls got what they really wanted.
 Bella gave Grandpa Dick a painting she painted.

The "grand feast" served on paper plates. My favorite part of Christmas was playing the game Loaded Questions with the entire family. We had a magical night!

Yes, Bella got a magic set for Christmas.

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